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Instructions for ethylene oxide disinfection

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Sterilization experiment procedure

Sterilization experiment procedure (1)According to the test requirements, the spore suspension and tablet of Bacillus subtilis were prepared....

Ethylene oxide sterilizer and its application

Usage method Because ethylene oxide is flammable, explosive and toxic to people, it must be carried out in a closed ethylene oxide sterilizer...

How to disinfect surgical mask

How to disinfect disposable masks? Ethylene oxide sterilizer is used for disinfection. Generally, 6 cubic sterilizer consumes 3.6-4.8kg ethyl...

Sterilization treatment

Requirement of small and medium-sized ethylene oxide sterilizers The requirements for medium-sized and small-sized ethylene oxide sterilizers...

Which sterilizer cabinet is better

Ethylene oxide is gas sterilization. In domestic and foreign operations, atmospheric emission is preferred. The atmospheric emission of ethyl...

How to use sterilize equipment

Preparation and packaging of articles before sterilization: The articles to be sterilized must be thoroughly cleaned, and it should not be wa...

How To Choose Eo Sterilizer Chamber Manufactor?

The ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet also has the following characteristics. Our companys ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet is well de...

Manufacturer of EO sterilizer machine for mask

Manufacturer of EO sterilizer machine for mask Today, the world leader in ethylene oxide sterilizers using ethylene oxide gas (EO) sterilizat...

ETO Sterilization Process Using ETO Sterilizer Machin

ETO sterilization is often used in the packaging of medical devices. Lets first understand what is ethylene oxide sterilization: Ethylene oxi...

ethylene oxide sterilization services

Simple but effective When pure ethylene oxide vapor (100%) is mixed with air whose volume fraction is only 3%, it is flammable and explosive....

What is ethylene oxide sterilization

Sterilize machine This cabinet is generally used for hospital disinfection. The ethylene oxide sterilizer is a special equipment for fumigati...

Gas sterilization of medical equipment for mask

When the packaging or loading configuration changes significantly, biological and chemical index tests will also be carried out, and continuo...

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