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Instructions for ethylene oxide disinfection

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instructions for ethylene oxide sterilizer

1.There was mentioned, that the sterilizing workshop temperature need to be 10C, Which area will be applicable for this. Plz share dimensions...

eo sterilizer equipment

eo sterilizer equipment:Product description. 8-12 hours per sterilization cycle. 2 cycles per day, 0.6-0.8kg ethylene oxide per cubic meter s...

How many operators are required for the EO sterilizer

The EO sterilizer equipment system requires 2-3 operators. An operator guards the control room. Responsible for automatic operation of prehea...

How To Use ETO Gas Sterilizer

The concentration of ethylene oxide is a factor affecting the sterilization quality. The most common concentration range is 450-1200mg / L. W...

Precautions for ethylene oxide sterilizer

Precautions for ethylene oxide sterilizer When the ethylene oxide sterilizer is used for sterilization, the temperature, humidity, concentrat...

Ethylene oxide sterilizer and its application

Usage method Because ethylene oxide is flammable, explosive and toxic to people, it must be carried out in a closed ethylene oxide sterilizer...

Specification of ethylene oxide sterilizer

Specification of ethylene oxide sterilizer Cabinet volume:from 1m3 to 100m3 Pressure range chamber supported Designed range: -95Kpa to +80Kpa...

4 analysis methods of ethylene oxide

Ethylene OxideAeration Room Detailed explanation and analysis scheme of 4 analysis methods of ethylene oxide There are currently four types o...

Installation of sterilizer

Installation of sterilizer The sterilizer should be placed in a special room. The room shall be connected with power (steam source), water so...

How to disinfect surgical mask

How to disinfect disposable masks? Ethylene oxide sterilizer is used for disinfection. Generally, 6 cubic sterilizer consumes 3.6-4.8kg ethyl...

How to choose suitable ETO sterilizer

How to choose suitable ETO sterilizer Choose the size of sterilizer according to the daily output of materials According to the difference of...

6 cube ethylene oxide sterilizer

6 cube ethylene oxide sterilizer 1. The ethylene oxide sterilizer can be installed in the non dust-free workshop. How large area and workshop...

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