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Methods and contents of Sterilization Machine

Methods and contents of Sterilization Machine

Chemical disinfection and sterilization - ethylene oxide It is a colorless and transparent liquid with the smell of ether. It is a highly effective disinfectant, which can kill bacteria, spores, fungi and viruses. It has strong penetrability, no harm...

Chemical disinfection and sterilization - ethylene oxide

It is a colorless and transparent liquid with the smell of ether. It is a highly effective disinfectant, which can kill bacteria, spores, fungi and es. It has strong penetrability, no harm to most articles, and can evaporate rapidly after disinfection. It is suitable for heat and humidity resistant articles, such as precision instruments, electronic instruments, optical instruments, cardiopulmonary machines, pacemakers, cardiopulmonary bypass devices, books and documents, etc.

Sterilization Machine size
Volume (L*W*H) Sliding door(L*W*H)
Internal Size  Outer size Shipment size 
1m3 1400*700*1000 N/A N/A
2m3 1650*1000*1200 2070*2520*1720 2070*1360*1720
3m3 1400*1350*1700 1820*3220*2270 1820*1710*2270
4.5m3 2000*1350*1700 2420*3220*2270 2420*1710*2270
5m3 2250*1350*1700 2670*3220*2270 2670*1710*2270
6m3 2700*1350*1700 3120*3220*2270 3120*1710*2270
8m3 3500*1350*1700 3920*3220*2270 3920*1710*2270
10m3 4500*1350*1700 4920*3220*2270 4920*1710*2270
15m3 5500*1350*2000 5920*3220*2570 5920*1710*2570
20m3 7500*1350*2000 7920*3220*2570 7920*1710*2570
26m3 9600*1350*2000 10020*3220*2570 10020*1710*2570
30m3-1 11300*1350*2000 11720*3220*2570 11720*1710*2570
30m3-2 5600*2700*2000 6060*6260*2580 6060*3280*2580
35m3-1 13000*1350*2000 13420*3220*2570 13420*1710*2570
35m3-2 6550*2700*2000 7010*6260*2580 7010*3280*2580
48m3-1 12850*1400*2700 13270*3320*3270 13270*1760*3270
48m3-2 6550*2700*2700 7010*6260*3280 7010*3280*3280
52m3 13900*1400*2700 14320*3320*3270 14320*1760*3270
55m3 7500*2700*2700 7960*6260*3280 7960*3280*3280
63m3 8650*2700*2700 9110*6260*3280 9110*3280*3280
70m3 9700*2700*2700 10160*6260*3280 10160*3280*3280
78m3 10750*2700*2700 11210*6260*3280 11210*3280*3280
86m3 11800*2700*2700 12260*6260*3280 12260*3280*3280
93m3 12850*2700*2700 13310*6260*3280 13310*3280*3280
101m3 13900*2700*2700 14360*3280*3280 12260*3280*3280

Methods and contents of Sterilization Machine

1. The boiling point of this product is 10.8 ℃. It should be put into steel cylinder or glass ampoule. The gas is inflammable and explosive in case of open fire. When it is mixed with carbon dioxide or other inert gas accounting for 80% (w / W), it can be made into flame-proof and explosion-proof mixed gas. During sterilization, cabinet method or butyl rubber bag method can be used.
2. The cabinet room method is carried out in the ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet. Put the articles into the cabinet room, close the cabinet door, preheat to 60 ℃, vacuumize to an absolute pressure of 21.33kpa (160mmhg) (in order to keep the ethylene oxide in a negative pressure state after it is introduced, so as to prevent it from leaking out during disinfection), introduce ethylene oxide, with a dosage of 1kg / m3, and act for 6-12h under the optimum relative humidity (60% - 80%). After sterilization, open the cabinet door after exhaust and take out the articles.
3. The butyl rubber bag method is carried out in a special butyl rubber bag. Put the item in the bag and squeeze out the air. Fasten the bag. During drug administration, the ampoule of ethylene oxide can be put in the bag in advance, and the bag mouth can be tightly tied and broken to make it gasified and dispersed; the air outlet of the small steel cylinder containing ethylene oxide can also be connected with the rubber tube at the bottom of the bag and gas can be introduced. The gasification of ethylene oxide can be promoted by heating with hot water (< 60 ℃). When the dosage is 2.5g/l and the optimum relative humidity (30% - 50%) is applied for 2 hours (> 20 ℃), the operation package can meet the sterilization requirements. If the bag is small, the full amount of medicine can't be introduced in one time for drug administration, it can be filled with rubber bag for 10min after the first time for drug administration, and the second time for drug administration after the drug is absorbed, until the required dose is reached. After sterilization, open the rubber bag at the ventilation place without fire source and take out the articles
4. The products sterilized by ethylene oxide shall be ventilated for a certain period of time to evaporate all ethylene oxide before use. During ventilation, if there is no special ventilation cabinet, the articles can be placed in a well ventilated room. The time varies with the sterilized articles. The operation towel can be used for 2-4 hours. Latex gloves should be used overnight. The plastic cardiopulmonary bypass equipment needs more than 4 weeks.
5. Precautions: 
① pure ethylene oxide shall be stored in a cool, ventilated place without fire source and electric switch. Use with care, do not crack or bump. 
② The storage temperature shall be less than 35 ℃ to avoid blasting.
③ The disinfection container shall not leak, and the articles shall not be placed too tightly. 
④ The natural crystal liquid is highly irritating to the eyes and other mucous membranes. In case of contact, it should be washed with water immediately. The gas has certain toxicity, and the concentration in the air of the operation site should not exceed 1ppm (1.82mg / m3).

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