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The  method of mask device packaging

The method of mask device packaging

Information about ethylene oxide sterilizer It must be known that there are a lot of germs in the current environment. Officially, because of this, the sterilizer industry is developing and expanding. There are many kinds of sterilizers, among which...

Information about ethylene oxide sterilizer

It must be known that there are a lot of germs in the current environment. Officially, because of this, the sterilizer industry is developing and expanding. There are many kinds of sterilizers, among which there are ethylene oxide sterilizers.

ethylene oxide sterilizer

Volume (L*W*H) Sliding door(L*W*H)
Internal Size  Outer size Shipment size 
1m3 1400*700*1000 N/A N/A
2m3 1650*1000*1200 2070*2520*1720 2070*1360*1720
3m3 1400*1350*1700 1820*3220*2270 1820*1710*2270
4.5m3 2000*1350*1700 2420*3220*2270 2420*1710*2270
5m3 2250*1350*1700 2670*3220*2270 2670*1710*2270
6m3 2700*1350*1700 3120*3220*2270 3120*1710*2270
8m3 3500*1350*1700 3920*3220*2270 3920*1710*2270
10m3 4500*1350*1700 4920*3220*2270 4920*1710*2270
15m3 5500*1350*2000 5920*3220*2570 5920*1710*2570
20m3 7500*1350*2000 7920*3220*2570 7920*1710*2570
26m3 9600*1350*2000 10020*3220*2570 10020*1710*2570
30m3-1 11300*1350*2000 11720*3220*2570 11720*1710*2570
30m3-2 5600*2700*2000 6060*6260*2580 6060*3280*2580
35m3-1 13000*1350*2000 13420*3220*2570 13420*1710*2570
35m3-2 6550*2700*2000 7010*6260*2580 7010*3280*2580
48m3-1 12850*1400*2700 13270*3320*3270 13270*1760*3270
48m3-2 6550*2700*2700 7010*6260*3280 7010*3280*3280
52m3 13900*1400*2700 14320*3320*3270 14320*1760*3270
55m3 7500*2700*2700 7960*6260*3280 7960*3280*3280
63m3 8650*2700*2700 9110*6260*3280 9110*3280*3280
70m3 9700*2700*2700 10160*6260*3280 10160*3280*3280
78m3 10750*2700*2700 11210*6260*3280 11210*3280*3280
86m3 11800*2700*2700 12260*6260*3280 12260*3280*3280
93m3 12850*2700*2700 13310*6260*3280 13310*3280*3280
101m3 13900*2700*2700 14360*3280*3280 12260*3280*3280

The  method of mask device packaging -- EO disinfection

EO sterilization is the most commonly used sterilization method in the medical industry, accounting for more than half of the packaging of all sterilized medical devices. EO is a colorless, flammable and carcinogenic gas, mainly used as the main component of polymers and products such as antifreeze. The sterilization process includes pretreatment, air intake and air release of the package.

Packaging of mask devices 

Pretreatment refers to the exposure of medical device packaging to a warm and humid environment until the internal temperature and humidity reach a uniform relative humidity (about 45 ℃ and 55%% - 65%). The packages are then placed in a sealed environment so that they are exposed to EO gas. After the pre-set exposure time, the EO gas will be released, and the high temperature will help to eliminate the residual EO gas.

Because EO gas needs to be able to enter the medical device packaging and contact with the medical device inside, and it needs to be able to be discharged from the packaging to lower the gas concentration and thus reduce the toxicity level. Therefore, if the EO sterilization method is considered, the air permeability and permeability of packaging materials will be considered when planning the packaging of medical devices. Another thing to be considered is the change of pressure. The strength of the packaging and sealing of medical devices should be able to accept the pressure change in the sterilization process, but not too strong, which will affect the convenience of the end user to open the packaging.

Specializing in the production of EO sterilizer for mask sterilization

The value of an enterprise lies in the happiness of its employees and the moving of its customers. Create a happy material and spiritual home for employees as much as possible. Only a happy team can win satisfied customers. Our team is consistent, constantly challenging ourselves and striving to create value for our customers. Customer satisfaction is the only standard to measure the service quality of our company, because all our employees know that customers' products can be trusted by us. We have the responsibility and obligation to treat customers' products as our own. Whether we control the quality of ethylene oxide sterilization from a professional and perfect management system, or take the handling of goods carefully, we should reassure customers and then deliver them to their customers with satisfaction. This is a win-win situation for all.

Our factory is a professional ethylene oxide sterilizer manufacturer.
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