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Type Of ethylene oxide sterilizer

Type Of ethylene oxide sterilizer

Type Ofethylene oxide sterilizer At present, there are many kinds of ethylene oxide sterilizers used. There are dozens of cubic meters for large containers, 1-10 cubic meters for medium ones and 0-1 cubic meters for small ones. They have di...

Type Of ethylene oxide sterilizer machine

At present, there are many kinds of ethylene oxide sterilizers used. There are dozens of cubic meters for large containers, 1-100 cubic meters for medium ones and 0-1 cubic meters for small ones. They have different uses.
Specification of ethylene oxide sterilizer: Cabinet volume: from 1m3 to 100m3

Standard of EO sterilizer machine
BE: Basic Type, Meet YY0503/ISO11135
LE: General Type, CE Standard, Meet EN1422/ISO11135
GE: Advanced Type, CE standard, Meet EN1422/ISO11135
sterilizer Cabinet volume
Volume (L*W*H) Sliding door(L*W*H)
Internal Size  Outer size Shipment size 
1m3 1400*700*1000 N/A N/A
2m3 1650*1000*1200 2070*2520*1720 2070*1360*1720
3m3 1400*1350*1700 1820*3220*2270 1820*1710*2270
4.5m3 2000*1350*1700 2420*3220*2270 2420*1710*2270
5m3 2250*1350*1700 2670*3220*2270 2670*1710*2270
6m3 2700*1350*1700 3120*3220*2270 3120*1710*2270
8m3 3500*1350*1700 3920*3220*2270 3920*1710*2270
10m3 4500*1350*1700 4920*3220*2270 4920*1710*2270
15m3 5500*1350*2000 5920*3220*2570 5920*1710*2570
20m3 7500*1350*2000 7920*3220*2570 7920*1710*2570
26m3 9600*1350*2000 10020*3220*2570 10020*1710*2570
30m3-1 11300*1350*2000 11720*3220*2570 11720*1710*2570
30m3-2 5600*2700*2000 6060*6260*2580 6060*3280*2580
35m3-1 13000*1350*2000 13420*3220*2570 13420*1710*2570
35m3-2 6550*2700*2000 7010*6260*2580 7010*3280*2580
48m3-1 12850*1400*2700 13270*3320*3270 13270*1760*3270
48m3-2 6550*2700*2700 7010*6260*3280 7010*3280*3280
52m3 13900*1400*2700 14320*3320*3270 14320*1760*3270
55m3 7500*2700*2700 7960*6260*3280 7960*3280*3280
63m3 8650*2700*2700 9110*6260*3280 9110*3280*3280
70m3 9700*2700*2700 10160*6260*3280 10160*3280*3280
78m3 10750*2700*2700 11210*6260*3280 11210*3280*3280
86m3 11800*2700*2700 12260*6260*3280 12260*3280*3280
93m3 12850*2700*2700 13310*6260*3280 13310*3280*3280
101m3 13900*2700*2700 14360*3280*3280 12260*3280*3280

Large scale ethylene oxide sterilizer

It is generally used for the sterilization of a large number of processed articles. The dosage is 0.8kg/m3 ~ 1.2kg/m3, and it works for 6h at 55 ℃ ~ 60 ℃.

Medium sized ethylene oxide sterilizer:

It is generally used for sterilization of disposable medical supplies. This kind of sterilization equipment is perfect and highly automatic. It can be used as pure ethylene oxide or mixed gas of ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide. Generally, the sterilization conditions are: concentration, 800 mg / L ~ 1000 mg / L, temperature, 55 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, relative humidity, 60% ~ 80%, and action time, 6 h. Vacuum is required after sterilization. Sterilized articles are usually sealed and packed with ethylene oxide plastic film. If the small package is equipped with a filter membrane that can filter air, the sterilization effect is better.

Small ethylene oxide sterilizer

Mostly used in medical and health departments to deal with a small number of medical devices and supplies, currently there are 100% pure ethylene oxide or mixed gases of ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide. This kind of sterilizer has a high degree of automation, which can automatically vacuumize, automatically add medicine, automatically adjust temperature and relative humidity, and automatically control sterilization time.

The requirements for medium and small ethylene oxide sterilizers

It has good pressure resistance and airtight performance, and can withstand 1.25 times of working pressure hydrostatic test, no denaturation and leakage, and can pump vacuum degree to over 53.3 kPa; the dosage is accurate, the heat preservation performance is good, and the temperature and relative humidity in the sterilizer can be adjusted; after disinfection, when the external environment air is used for washing, the input air passes through the high-efficiency filter, and can be filtered out ≥ 0.3 & micro; More than 99.6% of M particle; the residual ethylene oxide in sterilized articles shall be less than 15.2mg/m after harmless treatment; the concentration of ethylene oxide in sterilized environment shall be less than 2mg / m.

Ethylene oxide sterilizer manufacturer

Hangzhou Bacon Mechanical and Electrical Equipments Co.,Ltd.was established in 2006.0ur company is a high-tech enterprise which multifunctionally and comprehensively comprises research ,development,producing , sales and international trade, and at the same time was awarded the international patent certification. Our company insists on innovation , emphasis on service and concentrates on quality. Customer Primary, Quality Utmost and Credit Paramount is our longtime insistent policy.
Our company provides the integrated solution of design for control system, control system, installation and after-sales service. We are committed to enhance our customer’s productivity, safety, energy conservation and cost reduction. Our main product is ethylene oxide sterilizer and auxiliary equipments, various types of automation control systems and high costeffective robot arm.
Since 2015, our Company and Bejing Fengtai Yongding Disinfectant Factory built a strategic partnership, which is a professional ETO sterilizer manufacture. In order to improve product quality and grades faster, we have formed a professional team for R&D and service system for after-sales market, and we also establishment spererate sales department for Domestic Trade and International Trade. Beijing Fengtai Yongding sterilization plant is mainly responsible for domestic trade and sterilizer’s after-sales service, Hangzhou Bacon Mechanical and Electrical Equipments Co., Ltd is mainly responsible for international trade and electrical system service.
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