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    4 analysis methods of ethylene oxide

    by: EtO sterilizer manufacturerview: 1688 time: 2020-05-21
    4 analysis methods of ethylene oxide
    Ethylene Oxide Aeration Room
    Detailed explanation and analysis scheme of 4 analysis methods of ethylene oxide
    There are currently four types of ethylene oxide analysis solutions on the market. as follows:
    The first scheme: statically placed in the warehouse, natural analysis for about 14 days, low cost but large warehouse area and long analysis cycle
    The second scheme: dedicated analysis room, analysis for 3-5 days, the cost is moderate
    The third scheme: a dedicated parsing cabinet, which meets the release standard within one day of parsing. Short cycle costs are higher.
    The fourth scheme: Sterilizer + upgrade compulsory analysis function, then leave it for about 3 days. At this time, the model of the sterilizer is doubled.

    Examples of ethylene oxide analysis

    Take an example of a 6 cubic sterilizer. The price of 6 cubic sterilizer is $33,000, and the area is 7 * 7 = 50 square meters.
    1. Use natural analysis, analysis takes about 14 days, the storage area needs to reserve about 80 square meters.
    2. Select the analysis room, analysis period: 3-5 days, the analysis room volume is 33 cubic meters, the cost is about $18,000, and the total equipment price of the sterilizer and analysis room is about $50,000.
    3. Select the parsing cabinet, and the parsing standard will be achieved within one day without parsing. The cost of the parsing cabinet is about $70,000. Features: short cycle and high cost. The total equipment price is around $60,000.
    4. Sterilizer + upgrade compulsory analysis function. After 1 day of compulsory analysis, leave it in the warehouse for about 3 days. If the sterilizer has a forced analysis function, there is generally no need for an analysis room. At this time, an upgraded version of 11 cubic meters of sterilizer needs to be selected, and the cost is about $45,000.

    Ethylene oxide analysis scheme selection summary

    In summary, if the warehouse area is limited, use an upgraded version of the sterilizer or analysis room; if the budget is sufficient and the analysis cycle requirements are high, it is recommended to use an analysis cabinet for analysis;
    If the area of ​​the warehouse is large, you can directly store it in the warehouse for about 14 days without worrying about the analysis cycle, but natural analysis is not suitable for medical supplies with strong sealing.
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