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    6 cube ethylene oxide sterilizer

    by:EtO sterilizer Manufactorview: 1808 time: 2020-04-14
    6 cube ethylene oxide sterilizer
    6 cubic meters ethylene oxide sterilizer
    1. The ethylene oxide sterilizer can be installed in the non dust-free workshop. How large area and workshop height should be reserved for the 6 cubic sterilizer?
    The height of the workshop shall not be less than 3m, with a reserved area of 80m2 and 8m * 10m.
    2. What is the size and weight of a six cubic  meters sterilizer? Can the general forklift be loaded and unloaded, or do you need a crane?
    Dimensions of 6 cubic ethylene oxide sterilizer. Internal Size(L*W*H):2700*1350*1700. Outer size(L*W*H):3120*3220*2270.  Shipment size(L*W*H):3120*1710*2270.
    The 6 cubic sterilizer weighs 5-7 tons, and the 10 ton forklift can be loaded and unloaded.
    3. Most of the medical masks and medical equipment factories use sterilizer internal analysis or analytical room analysis?
    Most of the medical instrument factories use analytical room. The supporting equipment also includes tail gas treatment equipment.
    4. Installation cost of equipment
    Installation costs: the customer pays for visas, air tickets, food and hotel costs, each engineer $100 per day.
    5. Delivery date of sterilizer
    Product delivery time: within 30 days after receiving the deposit, the equipment can be delivered.
    6. Does the seller provide workshop layout design drawings
    Provide. After placing the order, the Seller shall provide free workshop layout design and three-dimensional design.
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