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6 cubic meters medical EO sterilizer

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6 cubic meters medical EO sterilizer

6 cubic meters medical EO sterilizer Advanced Modele Standard Components

cabinet volume 6m³
cabinet size inside:Length x Width x Height =2600*1350*1700
overall size outer:Length x Width x Height =3200*2100*2300
Chamber pressure range design pressure:-95kpa ~+80kpa; suggest running pressure:-90kpa ~+60kpa
 body (main part ) 1、cabinet:stainless steel SUS304,δ=8mm
2、water  jacket:stainless steel #304 δ=6mm
3、 housing:stainless steel
4、foot :U- bar steel 14#/Q235
5、foot support :steel sheet 10/Q235
6、insulating layer :ceramic fiber
door (mian part) 1、door :stainless steel : SUS304,δ=8mm
2、door frame:rectangular steel 120*60/Q235
3、door water jacket:stainless steel δ=6mm
4、 door seal flange:stainless steel
5. Door seal way: air internal feeding
6、 housing:stainless steel
7、insulating layer:ceramic fiber
heating components  (main part) 1、water tank installation way:  wall mounted
2、heating water tank :stainless steel
3、housing of tank :carbon steel with power paint
4、electronic heater : stainless steel electrical heating pipe
EO vaporizer 1. Vaporizer installation mode:  Wall mounted or floor mounted 
2、EO coil pipe:stainless steel pipe
3. EO vaporizer housing: stainless steel
4. N2 feeding function: is optional but charge separately
5.  With rotor flow detection function
6、with vaporizer water temperature detetion function and vaporizer front gas pressure function ; charge separately
harmless cycling system It is equipped with exhause flange interface, which can be futher expanded. The blind flange plate is carbon steel, inner gasket I silica gel pad and he fan inlet is equipped with stainless steel filter screen cover. 
product loading way Suggest the sterilizer is set in a pit to make the bottom of the internal chamber and the floor is even.   We provide the device to connect the chamber bottom to ground.  Suggest pallet loading way . 

6 cubic meters medical EO sterilizer

Description Specification & Parameter
heating pipe 3*9kw/AC380V 3P
vaccum pump 3.85kw/AC380V 3P/GP  50HZ
hot water heating circulating pump 0.75Kw/AC380V 3P  50HZ
safety valve 0.085Mpa
steam generator 6KW/AC380V 50HZ
steam filter standard congifuration
air compressor 1.5Kw/AC380V 3P  50HZ
air filter standard congifuration
EO pipes standard congifuration
EO bottle joints standard congifuration
EO filter standard congifuration
Door open/close cylinder, door lock cylinder standard congifuration
pneumatic control box ST-P51XXL/2N
pneumatic ball  valve humidifying valve: 0.5" screwed joints ,
vacuum valve :1.5inch  screwed joints 
Feeding EO valve:0.5inch  screwed joints
Feeding N2 valve:0.5inch screwed joints
air release valve:1 inch 3 ways  screwed joints
cabinet heating valve:0.5inch screwed joints
condaensate drainage valve : 0.5inch screwed joints
EO electric scale 1、range :300Kg; 600*800*150mm
2、material :stainless steel plate;
3、support RS485 communication function;

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