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Conditions for installation of sterilizer

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Conditions for installation of sterilizer

Conditions for installation of sterilizer

bearing requirements

(1)Sterilizer installation should consider the following factors:
1. Safety of sterilizer, such as fire, explosion etc..
2. power supply, water supply, drainage and EO supply etc. of the sterilizer .
3. Maintenance and repair of sterilizer.
4. The rationality and the standard of sterilization workshop production process.
sterilization process requirements
(2)The composition and distribution of sterilization workshop
Sterilization workshop composes of  sterilization room, control room, the epoxy ethane gas cylinder room and finished product warehouse.

sterilization room for placing sterilization cabinet

a).  sterilization room should be equipped with explosion-proof ventilation device, explosion-proof lamp
b). must have strict isolation conditions  between sterilization room and other rooms
c). sterilization room should be equipped with fire fighting facilities ;
d). sterilization room should have sufficient space for the door open and close and loading, unloading operation.
3. control room should be two rooms, one for the placing cabinet and console, another is used for placing the control frame, air compressor, steam generator and other electrical equipment, in order to reduce the pump and air compressor and other electrical equipment when working the interference on industrial computer operating system .
e). control room should be equipped special power  panel, access the three-phase five wire 380V, 50Hz, power supply, capacity of not less than 1.5 times the maximum rated power, and have a good grounding condition, grounding resistance should be less than 4 ohm;
f). according to the equipment input power  install air circuit breaker, the protective earth terminal and the introduction of the protective grounding wire must be firmly and reliably connected.
g).  control room should have water supply and drainage conditions. A water supply pipe is not less than G1/2, the water pressure is in the range of 0.08 ~ 0.15MPa; drainage pipe diameter shall be not less than 40mm.
h).  control room should be installed air conditioning, maintain the room temperature of 25 ℃.

Epoxy ethane gas cylinder storage room

Ventilation should be good, must not have the existing heat and open flame, there shall be no direct sunshine, indoor temperature should not exceed 30℃.
dilution room is used for placing sterilized articles
dilution room should be good ventilation, ventilation conditions, in order to facilitate the residual ethylene oxide dilute from the the sterilized products.

The main components installation of sterilizer 

1. sterilization cabinet with the overall landing chassis, do not need to install base, but the foundation should be able to withstand the maximum load of the cabinet body. Sterilization cabinet to maintain the level of the cabinet, leaving a gap around should be not less than 500mm, easy to install and repair.
2. control frame installation location should be convenient to connect pipeline, circuit and electric control cabinet connected with the cabinet body. Control rack should be steady and firm, to prevent the pump work produce intense vibration. The water tank, vacuum pump, circulating pump, exhaust gas treatment box is fixed on the machine frame, cannot move. Component installation should be considered convenient repair and maintenance, the location of the valve should be convenient for users to operate.
3. electric cabinet and console installation location should be convenient for users to operate, and convenient observation  working condition of sterilization cabinet, control frame, steam generator, air compressor etc.. Walking of the lines between the cabinet and console and other equipment should wear tube.
4. Each of the pipeline installation should ensure that no leakage, especially for EO supply pipeline, vacuum line, otherwise there will be hidden dangers of accidents
5. vacuum pump exhaust port connect to tail gas treatment system
6. cables connected by a network of power  shall be 10mm2, the cable shall be in conformity with the relevant provisions.
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