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Configuration advantages of sterilization antisepsis

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Configuration advantages of sterilization antisepsis

Configuration advantages of ethylene oxide sterilizer

  • 1. Industrial control computer + Siemens splo control is adopted to realize automatic control of sterilization process and reliable and stable operation.
  • 2. It has multiple real-time monitoring devices to improve the type of fault judgment, automatic alarm and automatic safety protection, and is safer to use.
  • 3. The sterilizer monitoring and management system can provide multi-level account management, with different permissions for different personnel and operation record logs
  • 4. The computer interface and all documents shall be in Chinese and English
  • 5. Display the sterilization over shift and recorded data in the form of report and trend chart, and keep the sterilization process parameters permanently
  • 6.High efficiency heating system: use hexahedral hot water circulation heating: it can be designed to heat the whole water area, shorten the heating time, achieve the best temperature uniformity, and also can increase the lower temperature required by the force
  • 7. High efficiency pre vacuum system: portable vacuum pump, oil-free rotary vane vacuum pump + water ring vacuum pump.

 Storage of epoxy ethane.

  • 1 ethylene oxide shall be stored in a separate room. The room shall be equipped with ventilation, explosion-proof and fire-fighting facilities.
  • 2 the ethylene oxide cylinder shall be stored in a cool place away from the heat source, and the storage temperature of ethylene oxide shall be lower than 30 ℃.
  • 3 the ethylene oxide cylinder shall be provided with a fixed support.

Advantage of Ethylene oxide disinfection cabinet

  • 1. It can kill all microorganisms, including spores, tuberculosis, bacteria, es, fungi, etc.
  • 2. The sterilized articles can be wrapped and packaged as a whole, and can remain sterile before use.
  • 3. In contrast, ethylene oxide does not corrode plastics, metals, and rubbers to prevent yellowing and embrittlement.
  • 4. It can penetrate irregular, complex and impermeable articles (such as long and thin catheter) for sterilization.
  • 5. It can be used for sterilization of articles that cannot be soaked in disinfectant, sterilized by dry heat, pressure, steam and other chemical gases.

How about ethylene oxide gas sterilizer?

Today, it has become a world leader in 100% ethylene oxide gas (EO) sterilization, making it safer, more reliable, more convenient, more economical, and more environmentally friendly. 3M has been a 100% EO supplier since 1965, offering different sizes depending on the size of the hospital. The entire sterilization process is completely in a negative pressure state to ensure that the gas does not leak out. The built-in temperature probe can adjust the temperature immediately. The built-in humidity probe ensures relative humidity> 65%. The built-in exhaust device completes the highly intelligent control of sterilization and exhaust. Computerized operation. Obtained UL, TUV, CE, CSA agency test box evaluation requirements. Helps you control load and turnaround time to meet peak usage needs. Multiple installations allow simultaneous sterilization and automatic venting. Embedded wall mounting and freestanding shelves can install multiple sterilizers at the same time, saving time and effort, and saving space. The world's first 100% EO gas single-dose gas tank manufacturer.

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