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    Equipment maintenance matters needing attention

    by: EtO sterilizer manufacturerview: 1980 time: 2021-01-30
    Equipment maintenance matters needing attention
    Equipment maintenance matters needing attention
    Check the water level in the tank must reach the upper limit, so as not to damage the heating element
    Check for adequate water in steam generator, otherwise it will affect the service life
    Check the circulation fan whether has abnormal noise and phenomena, if has, it must immediate shutdown and make repair maintenance
    Cleaning one time door sealing strip, if there is damage it should timely repair and replace
    Remove one time the residual water in the air storage tank of air compressor
    Clean the  filter on the  water ring vacuum pump water supply pipeline
    Cleaning sterilizer eo feeding pipeline, filter core and filter of epoxy ethane
    Validation of  sterilizer cabinet air tightness one time: in the sterilizer no-load, under the condition of constant temperature, vacuum pumping to -50kPa, pressure for 1 hours, the leakage rate should be≤ 0.1kPa/min, otherwise cabinet leakage, check leakage point and repair
    Reliability check all wiring on terminal operating platform, control cabinet, control frame one time. In the sterilizer is powered off state, touches each wiring terminal connection with hand or other tools, see the contact is firm, if there are loose should be tightened immediately
    Check the air compressor crankcase oil path is reaching oil path line or not, if less than  oil path line, should be timely to add oil
    Open the circulating fan feeding oil cover, add urea grease special lubricating oil (high temperature resistance, wear resistance), pay attention to oil pressure when filling, to ensure that the bearing cavity filled full with oil (this very important task must execute)
    Detection of circulating fan motor running current and bearing temperature is normal, if find abnormal shutdown immediately and repair, otherwise prohibit to use 
    clean the dirt on the eo feeding mouth in the chamber
    cleaning the core of  Steam filter and air filter, clean the duston the air inlet net of IPC
    The replacement of  the water in the heating water tank, and clean the impurities in the water tank
    replace Circulating water of heating system one time , and check whether the pipeline Water Leakage
    Check the sealing condition of pneumatic system, such as leakage should be fastened or replacement of pneumatic components
    check the water return pipe the water return quantity is the same or not
    should check the electric heating pipe insulation is damaged or not
    All measurement sensor and instrument should be sent to the local measuring department for verification
    Maintenance of internal circulation magnetic fan drive, check the bearings whether are normal or damaged, if damaged timely repair and replacement, otherwise prohibit to use of.  fastening oil  sealing cover of The rope packing  (transmission shaft rotating flexible). Check and cleaning fan impeller, the impeller shall be fastening.
    According to the use frequency of sterilizer, recommend annual replacement of a door sealing rubber bags
    Reliability check safety valve on the air pump once
    Check all electrical devices and wiring insulation performance is safe and reliable
    Do one time OQ on the sterilizer, to ensure the use of performance
    Note: the sterilizer in winter the temperature is below freezing, when stop use all the water in the equipment shall be drained, to prevent freezing damage of equipment!
    Sterilizer does not work must turn off the total power supply cabinet!
    Device is not authorized and allowed by the factory , prohibit the unauthorized repair, change the function of the original design of equipment and replacement of non special parts!
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