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Ethylene oxide for sterilization

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Ethylene oxide for sterilization
The unique properties of ethylene oxide (EO) make it suitable for sterilization of hot and wet sensitive products. Ethylene oxide can penetrate packaged goods, effective sterilization at very low temperature, is the ideal technology for cold end sterilization. We provide you with complete EO sterilization plan optimization support for specific products, workflows, and facility layouts.
Process Overview
The EO sterilization process consists of three stages. These stages can be performed in a sterile room or in three separate rooms.
In the pretreatment stage, the load is heated and humidified to prepare for sterilization.
EO sterilization
Sterilize at low temperature with EO gas of appropriate concentration.
After treatment / degassing
In the post-treatment stage, the gas is removed from the product and package for safe downstream treatment.
ETO sterilizer specifications
Flexible design based on multiple modules
High efficiency, optimized energy consumption and cycle time,
Excellent EO concentration and temperature uniformity,
A mixture of 100% EO and 90 / 10 was used to limit the chamber pressure,
High safety level,
All components are well-known brands,
Designed to meet the most stringent standards
temperature control
To ensure fast heating and constant load temperature, hot water circulates through jacket and door. If required, a cooling system can also include a quick transition to a lower temperature.
Chamber recycling
In order to ensure uniform gas and temperature distribution, the combustion chamber recirculation system is essential. The external distribution piping is heated to maintain temperature and minimize loss.
Vacuum system
The EO sterilizer is equipped with a liquid ring vacuum pump, which can effectively remove the air and internal load in the chamber of the sterilizer. The vacuum system can remove the high concentration EO from the tank in a short time.
Gas distribution
EO is usually provided as a liquid in a sealed container. Evaporation ensures that liquid EO does not enter the sterilization area. The heating medium can be steam or hot water to achieve accurate temperature control and flow regulation.

Ethylene oxide is the second generation of chemical disinfectant after formaldehyde, and it is still one of the best cold disinfectants. It is also one of the most important four low-temperature sterilization technologies (low-temperature plasma, low-temperature formaldehyde steam, ethylene oxide, glutaraldehyde). EO is a simple epoxy compound. It is a nonspecific alkyl compound. Its molecular formula is C2H4O, and its structural formula is - ch2-ch2-o -.

Chemical property
It is very active in chemical properties and can react with many compounds. Ethylene oxide can reduce silver nitrate. After heating, it is easy to polymerize and decompose in the presence of metal salts or oxygen.

The epoxy ethane sterilizer our factory made, since its launch in 1986, have been sold to more than twenty provinces and cities and autonomous regions, and exported to Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Peru, Egypt, Kosovo, Armenia, Ethiopia, Mongolia and other countries. This series of sterilizers appearance beautiful, reliable quality, simple operation, safe use, reasonable price.
Epoxy ethane sterilizer is a kind of sterilizing equipment advanced, under certain conditions, by epoxy ethane gas sealed in the sterilization chamber the articles in low-temperature fumigation for sterilization; ethylene oxide can kill all kinds of microorganisms, including bacteria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, fungi, bacillus and virus. It is  strong ipenetration, broad-spectrum sterilization, sterilization is thorough, and sterilization in lower temperature, pressure and humidity conditions, no corrosion on the sterilized articles and without damage, convenient for long-term storage. After sterilization the articles are placed in a well ventilated room, volatile well then for safety use. 

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