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    Ethylene oxide sterilization equipment

    by: EtO sterilizer manufacturerview: 1305 time: 2020-03-13
    Ethylene oxide sterilization equipment
    Use ETO  gas sterilizer
    ETO is used in medical facilities to sterilize critical (sometimes semi critical) items that are sensitive to water or heat and cannot be steam sterilized.

    The medical service provider should improve the efficiency and safety of treatment when preparing the supply of other fields (such as operating room, respiratory therapy).In order to ensure the consistency of sterilization operation, a comprehensive plan needs to be made to ensure the ability and correct method of the operator to clean and pack the instrument, install the sterilizer, operate the sterilizer and monitor the whole process. In addition, from the perspective of infection prevention, care must be consistent in all patient care environments, such as hospitals and outpatient facilities.
    The sterilization process should be validated before use in medical facilities. All steam, ETO and other low-temperature sterilizers shall be tested for biochemical indicators after failure in installation, redesign, overhaul and sterilization to ensure normal use before putting into daily use. In a suitable test package or tray, run three consecutive air steam cycles using biochemical indicators. Each steam cycle used for sterilization (such as vacuum assisted sterilization, gravity sterilization) needs to be tested separately.

    The chemical properties of ethylene oxide are active. Contact with catalyst can cause polymerization, which is accelerated with the increase of temperature, pressure and water content. If the reaction takes place in the cylinder, the color of ethylene oxide will be deepened, the yellow viscous substance will be produced, the pipeline will be blocked, and the sterilization effect will be affected. Therefore, the ethylene oxide cylinder should be stored in shade and its validity period should be specified.
    The toxic effects of ethylene oxide on human are mainly manifested in direct contact and inhalation. Inhalation of ethylene oxide gas can stimulate the respiratory tract, and acute poisoning can occur if the amount is large; ethylene oxide gas or liquid also has toxic effect on the skin, if the ethylene oxide is accidentally splashed on the skin or eyes, it should be washed with water immediately.
    Ethylene oxide for sterilization of disposable sterile medical devices shall meet the national standard gb13098-91 industrial ethylene oxide.

    How to choose ethylene oxide sterilization company?
    At present, there is no specific qualification requirement for the entrusted sterilization supplier in mainland China. If the manufacturer's products are sold to Europe and the United States, they should also meet the regulatory requirements for sterilization entrustment in Europe and the United States. The European Union requires to pass iso11135 certification, the United States requires FDA registration, and Japan should register in housheng province. It is believed that in the near future, China's medical device regulations will also introduce corresponding regulatory requirements for entrusted sterilization, so as to facilitate more effective management of sterilization process.

    Today, the world leader in ethylene oxide sterilizers using ethylene oxide gas (EO) sterilization, using ethylene oxide sterilizers to sterilize masks makes them safer, more reliable, more convenient and more Economical and more environmentally friendly.
    The size of our company's ethylene oxide sterilizer can be customized. Depending on the scale, different sizes of ethylene oxide sterilizers can be provided. Generally speaking, ethylene oxide sterilizers have several different specifications, such as 3 cubic meters, 6 cubic meters, and 10 cubic meters.
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