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    Ethylene oxide sterilization of medical devices

    by: EtO sterilizer manufacturerview: 1860 time: 2020-03-13
    Ethylene oxide sterilization of medical devices
    The sterilizer is used for biological control as a channel between areas. Usually, in the environment with the highest sealing requirements, rooms with double doors are sealed on the wall, forming a barrier between different categories of areas.

    Cross contamination barrier (CCB) is a kind of air difference barrier, which is used to prevent cross contamination between sterilizer working space and technical area. The stainless steel method is welded at the end of the sterilizer. Provide stainless steel plates to extend welding to adjacent walls, ceilings and floors. The panel is then fixed; all the joints are filled with silica gel to form a barrier.
    The basic sterilization cycle of ETO consists of five stages (i.e. pretreatment and humidification, gas introduction, exposure, evacuation and air washing), which takes about 2 hours (excluding ventilation time). Mechanical ventilation for 8 to 12 hours at a temperature of 50 to 60 ° C can desorb toxic ETO residues exposed to the absorbent material. Most modern ETO sterilizers combine sterilization and ventilation in the same chamber as a continuous process. These ETO models minimize ETO exposure that can occur during the opening of the valve and the transfer of load to the aerator. Room temperature aeration also desorbs toxic ETO, but it takes seven days at 20 ° C.
    The sterile products provided depend not only on the effectiveness of the sterilization process, but also on the design of the equipment, decontamination, removal and packaging, loading and monitoring of the sterilizer, quality and quantity of the disinfectant and suitability. Reprocessing of loading cycle and content of equipment. Most of the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization operations are carried out by the medical staff of the central processing department, so as to control the quality more easily. The purpose of centralized treatment is to deal with medical devices and surgical instruments in order to protect patients from infection, minimize the risk of staff and retain the value of reprocessed items.

    We design, manufacture, control and identify EO / ETO for sterilization of heat sensitive products (sensitive to heat and humidity), such as syringes, catheters, dialysis boxes, plastic dressings, sutures, etc.
    We are the manufacturer of ethylene oxide sterilizer and the ideal method for sterilization of medical devices. In addition to designing and manufacturing sterilizers, we also provide all auxiliary equipment to provide a complete sterilization unit through the ethylene oxide process.
    The conditions used to resuscitate the bioindicators in the validation study should be determined and documented. In determining the culture time, the possibility of delayed growth of spores after EO sterilization should be considered.

    The high-pressure steam sterilization technology is to use the sterilizer to generate steam. As the steam pressure is continuously added, the temperature in the sterilizer increases, and it can reach a high temperature of more than 100 ° C. The high-pressure steam in high-pressure steam sterilization has large latent heat, strong penetrating power, and fast conduction, which can make the protein of microorganisms denature or coagulate quickly to reach sterilization.

    What is the specific operation method of ETO disinfection?
    ETO sterilization can be realized in the process of air permeable packaging by the thermoforming filling sealing system, that is, the packaging process is directly completed on the r240 or r530 thermoforming filling sealing system under automatic control, and the validated packaging paper or film is used as the antibacterial barrier in each package. The hot forming filling sealing system can select one movable bottom net and two sealing nets according to the customized requirements of customers. In the sealing net, one is used to cover most of the package, while the smaller net is used to seal the breathable material on the package.
    The value of an enterprise lies in the happiness of its employees and the moving of its customers. Create a happy material and spiritual home for employees as much as possible. Only a happy team can win satisfied customers. 
    Our company's ethylene oxide sterilizer is the best choice for mask manufacturers. Ethylene oxide sterilizer is the most professional tool for sterilizing and disinfecting medical masks and disposable civilian masks.
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