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Sterilizer instructions

Ethylene oxide sterilizer and its application

by:EtO sterilizer Manufactorview: 1613 time: 2020-03-05

Ethylene oxide sterilizer and its application

Usage method

Because ethylene oxide is flammable, explosive and toxic to people, it must be carried out in a closed ethylene oxide sterilizer.

Ethylene oxide sterilizer and its application

At present, there are many kinds of ethylene oxide sterilizers used. There are dozens of cubic meters for large containers, 1-10 cubic meters for medium ones and 0-1 cubic meters for small ones. They have different uses.

Large ethylene oxide sterilizer

It is generally used for the sterilization of a large number of processed articles. The dosage is 0.8kg/m3 ~ 1.2kg/m3, and it works for 6h at 55 ℃ ~ 60 ℃.

Medium ethylene oxide sterilizer:

It is generally used for sterilization of disposable medical supplies. This kind of sterilization equipment is perfect and highly automatic. It can be used as pure ethylene oxide or mixed gas of ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide. 
Generally, the sterilization conditions are: 
  • concentration, 800? Mg / L ~ 1000mg / L; 
  • temperature, 55 ℃ ~ 60 ℃; 
  • relative humidity, 60% ~ 80%; 
  • action time, 6H. 

Vacuum is required after sterilization.

Sterilized articles are usually sealed and packed with ethylene oxide plastic film. If the small package is equipped with a filter membrane that can filter air, the sterilization effect is better.

Small ethylene oxide sterilizer:

Most of them are used in medical and health departments to deal with a small number of medical devices and supplies. At present, there are 100% pure ethylene oxide or a mixture of ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide. This kind of sterilizer has a high degree of automation, which can automatically vacuumize, automatically add medicine, automatically adjust temperature and relative humidity, and automatically control sterilization time.

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