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    How to choose eto sterilizer machine company

    by: EtO sterilizer manufacturerview: 1873 time: 2020-03-08
    How to choose eto sterilizer machine company
    Disinfectants should be used in strict accordance with the instructions in daily life. Some disinfectants can stimulate and damage skin and mucous membrane and corrode articles in high concentration. In the process of disinfection, appropriate protective measures shall be taken, such as wearing masks, gloves, apron or protective clothing, and wearing protective glasses if necessary. If you want to disinfect a large area, it's best to do it under the guidance of a professional.

    Disinfectants are best used in rotation
    In order to achieve the goal of cleaning and sterilization, some people often use disinfectants to clean the room and clothes due to the fear of microbial invasion. But disinfectants should not be overused. Long term and large-scale use of disinfectants will lead to drug resistance of microorganisms and greatly reduce the disinfection effect. At the same time, in order to avoid the disinfection spectrum is not wide and to prevent pathogenic bacteria from producing drug resistance, it is best to use disinfectants alternately.
    At present, there is no specific qualification requirement for the entrusted sterilization supplier in mainland China. If the manufacturer's products are sold to Europe and the United States, they should also meet the regulatory requirements for sterilization entrustment in Europe and the United States. The European Union requires to pass iso11135 certification, the United States requires FDA registration, and Japan should register in housheng province. It is believed that in the near future, China's medical device regulations will also introduce corresponding regulatory requirements for entrusted sterilization, so as to facilitate more effective management of sterilization process.
    Special attention should be paid to the fact that registration changes and other matters required by some laws and regulations may take a long time. Therefore, if there is any change of sterilization supplier, data should be submitted as early as possible to reserve sufficient time for the change.

    Our company's ethylene oxide sterilizer is the best choice for mask manufacturers. Ethylene oxide sterilizer is the most professional tool for sterilizing and disinfecting medical masks and disposable civilian masks.
    The world leader in ethylene oxide sterilizers using ethylene oxide gas (EO) sterilization, using ethylene oxide sterilizers to sterilize masks makes them safer, more reliable, more convenient and more Economical and more environmentally friendly.
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