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    How to choose suitable ETO sterilizer

    by:EtO sterilizer Manufactorview: 1640 time: 2020-05-26
    How to choose suitable ETO sterilizer
    How to choose suitable ETO sterilizer

    Choose the size of sterilizer according to the daily output of materials
    According to the difference of packaging space of products and cartons, the throughput of each time is slightly different. Each time of sterilization is 8-12 hours, and it can work for 2 cycles every day.

    Sterilization size

    Volume (L*W*H) Sliding door(L*W*H)
    Internal Size  Outer size Shipment size 
    1m3 1400*700*1000 N/A N/A
    2m3 1650*1000*1200 2070*2520*1720 2070*1360*1720
    3m3 1400*1350*1700 1820*3220*2270 1820*1710*2270
    4.5m3 2000*1350*1700 2420*3220*2270 2420*1710*2270
    5m3 2250*1350*1700 2670*3220*2270 2670*1710*2270
    6m3 2700*1350*1700 3120*3220*2270 3120*1710*2270
    8m3 3500*1350*1700 3920*3220*2270 3920*1710*2270
    10m3 4500*1350*1700 4920*3220*2270 4920*1710*2270
    15m3 5500*1350*2000 5920*3220*2570 5920*1710*2570
    20m3 7500*1350*2000 7920*3220*2570 7920*1710*2570
    26m3 9600*1350*2000 10020*3220*2570 10020*1710*2570
    30m3-1 11300*1350*2000 11720*3220*2570 11720*1710*2570
    30m3-2 5600*2700*2000 6060*6260*2580 6060*3280*2580
    35m3-1 13000*1350*2000 13420*3220*2570 13420*1710*2570
    35m3-2 6550*2700*2000 7010*6260*2580 7010*3280*2580
    48m3-1 12850*1400*2700 13270*3320*3270 13270*1760*3270
    48m3-2 6550*2700*2700 7010*6260*3280 7010*3280*3280
    52m3 13900*1400*2700 14320*3320*3270 14320*1760*3270
    55m3 7500*2700*2700 7960*6260*3280 7960*3280*3280
    63m3 8650*2700*2700 9110*6260*3280 9110*3280*3280
    70m3 9700*2700*2700 10160*6260*3280 10160*3280*3280
    78m3 10750*2700*2700 11210*6260*3280 11210*3280*3280
    86m3 11800*2700*2700 12260*6260*3280 12260*3280*3280
    93m3 12850*2700*2700 13310*6260*3280 13310*3280*3280
    101m3 13900*2700*2700 14360*3280*3280 12260*3280*3280

    Three standard types of sterilizers

    BE: Basic Type, Meet YY0503/ISO11135
    LE: General Type, CE Standard, Meet EN1422/ISO11135
    GE: Advanced Type, CE standard, Meet EN1422/ISO11135

    Q:Amount of ethylene oxide consumed by ethylene oxide sterilizer per time
    A: 0.6-0.8 kg / m3. Each consumption of  ethylene oxide is 3.6-4.8kg. Ethylene oxide is a dangerous chemical, which is not suitable for long-distance transportation and can be purchased nearby.

    Sterilization process

    Sterilization process: packaging → sterilization → analysis → testing → delivery.
    1. The products shall be packed in cartons
    2. Put the products into the sterilization cabinet for sterilization (8-12 hours)
    3. Take the products out of the sterilization cabinet and analyze it.There are three options for analysis: forced analysis of sterilizer, or analysis room, or directly placed in a well ventilated workshop.
    4. After analysis, it is tested to be qualified and sold on the market
    Respirator sterilization is to use ethylene oxide gas for sterilization. After sterilization, ethylene oxide gas residue should be removed. The process of removing ethylene oxide residue is defined as analysis.

    How long does it take to resolve the products after sterilization with ethylene oxide.

    1. If natural parsing is used, it will take about 14 days.
    2. If the analysis room is used, it will take about 5 days.
    3. If the sterilization cabinet is used for analysis, it will take 2.5 days. This requires that the sterilization cabinet has a forced resolution function, which is forced to resolve for 12 hours, and then placed naturally for 2 days.
    It only takes 12 hours to parse directly in the sterilizer. This kind of equipment adopts our new technology and greatly reduces the parsing time. Our products have advantages.
    It can be parsed directly in the sterilization cabinet, which has requirements for packaging. Dialysis packaging is needed, or small pieces of dialysis paper are left on the packaging. In order to save packaging cost, a dialysis window can be added to the packaging. Then the dialysis bag is analyzed for 12 hours, and taken out for natural analysis, that is, it is placed for 2 days.
    The time needed for the analysis is different due to the different process. As long as the content of ethylene oxide is below the standard, it is possible to use any analytical method, mainly depending on the choice of customers.

    We suggest using the analysis room.

    Most of the products and medical equipment factories use sterilizer internal analysis or analytical room analysis?
    Most of the medical instrument factories use analytical room. The supporting equipment also includes tail gas treatment equipment.

    Q:What kind of packaging is more convenient for sterilization

    A:1. It is recommended to use dialysis bag for products packaging, otherwise the sterilization cycle will be longer. Sterilization dialysis bag packaging for 8 hours (with preheating).
    2. Packaging is the first step. After packing, sterilize, analyze and test.
    Analysis depends on whether it is directly in the sterilization cabinet, or placed in the analysis room, or natural analysis.
    It takes 12 hours to parse directly in the sterilizer. If there is an analysis room, it will take 5 days; if it is natural, it will take 14 days if it is well ventilated.

    Requirements of ethylene oxide sterilizer for workshop

    The ethylene oxide sterilizer is installed in the non dust-free workshop and does not need to be placed in the dust-free workshop.

    Requirements for workshop environment of 6 cube ethylene oxide sterilizer:

    1. Water, electricity and network cable.
    2. Explosion proof measures that meet the requirements, such as explosion-proof switch, explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof fan lamp, etc.
    3. Workshop height is more than 3.5m
    4. The width of the door is more than 2.5m and the height is more than 2.5m.

    How large area and workshop height should be reserved for the 6 cubic sterilizer?
    The height of the workshop shall not be less than 3m, with a reserved area of 80m2 and 8m * 10m.

    Workshop layout design drawing

    The Seller shall provide drawings. After placing the order, the Seller shall provide workshop layout design and three-dimensional design.

    What is the size and weight of a six cubic  meters sterilizer? 
    Dimensions of 6 cubic ethylene oxide sterilizer.
    Internal Size(L*W*H):2700*1350*1700.
    Outer size(L*W*H):3120*3220*2270. 
    Shipment size(L*W*H):3120*1710*2270.
    Can the general forklift be loaded and unloaded, or do you need a crane?
    The 6 cubic sterilizer weighs 5-7 tons, and the 10 ton forklift can be loaded and unloaded.

    Power supply of sterilizer
    120V or 240V or 380V can be used as long as they are determined before delivery.

    Waste gas treatment unit

    According to the needs of customers, we can choose the tail gas treatment equipment freely.
    The requirements of EU standards are relatively high, and tail gas treatment equipment is required
    Tail gas treatment device for 6-cube ethylene oxide sterilizer
    Emission Standard NMHC/VOCs no more than 40mg/m³, Emission rate 1.5kg/h,No aeration room dealing with waste gas(standard 4 tower, without chiller )
    3 Spray tower: Φ600*3000 
    3 Reactor Kettle size: L*W*H=1500*1500*1000.

    Delivery date of sterilizer

    Product delivery time: within 40 days after receiving the deposit, the equipment can be delivered.

    Installation cost of equipment
    Installation costs: the customer pays for visas, air tickets, food and hotel costs, each engineer $100 per day.
    Hangzhou Bocon Mechanical And Electrical Equipments Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise with design, development and manufacture of sterilizing equipment.Focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of ethylene oxide sterilization equipment, it is located at No. 220, Zhangshan Road, Renhe street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou. The company has a history of more than 20 years (formerly known as Hangzhou Dianda disinfection equipment factory) and is in a leading position in market share, enterprise popularity, product quality and technical level in this field. The company mainly produces ethylene oxide sterilizer (HMQ series products), file (cultural relic) sterilization equipment, preheating, analysis, waste gas treatment and other supporting products, and provides technical services related to ethylene oxide sterilization. Unik is the first domestic certified manufacturer that has developed an ultra large 100 cubic meter ethylene oxide sterilizer. It has dozens of products of different sizes (HMQ-100 m3, 80 m3, 50 m3, 30 m3, 20 m3, 10 m3, 6 m3, 3 m3, 1 m3, etc.), which are exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

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