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How to sterilize masks with eto sterilizer

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How to sterilize masks with eto sterilizer

Technical characteristics of ethylene oxide sterilizer

Ethylene oxide sterilizer is a kind of anti- and sterilization product. It is a kind of equipment using ethylene oxide for sterilization, so it has strict requirements for application and management. Next, we will introduce its function and technical characteristics.

It is used for sterilization of heat and damp heat sensitive articles and all articles that cannot be sterilized by high pressure. The following conditions shall be satisfied for the ethylene oxide sterilizer, such as water, electricity, steam (ethylene oxide gas, compressed air) before the sterilization procedure. Ethylene oxide has a good bactericidal power to all kinds of microorganisms, and it has a strong penetration and little harm to articles. Ethylene oxide, also known as "ethylene oxide", is a colorless and transparent liquid with the smell of ether. Gaseous ethylene oxide is inflammable and explosive, and it should be kept in special ampoules or pressure metal cans.

The ethylene oxide sterilizer shall be installed in a sterile environment close to the compressed air. In this environment, exhaust fan should be set to remove the ethylene oxide gas dispersed in the air in time. Articles sterilized with ethylene oxide shall be packed with special standard paper and plastic. The instruction card is placed in the bag, and the sterilization date is generally 1-2 years. For example, it is necessary to ensure dry bath for disinfection of all kinds of articles, especially for all kinds of pipes, so as to prevent that the sterilization effect cannot be achieved due to the presence of water. It is strictly prohibited to use ethylene oxide sterilizer for sterilization of oil articles, because the intention of sterilization cannot be achieved.

Special sterilization method of ethylene oxide sterilizer

The sterilization method of ethylene oxide sterilizer is very special. Its sterilization effect in the industry has won everyone's approval. The sterilization method used is mainly used for products or parts that are not suitable for sterilization by other methods and are heat sensitive. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is often used for sterilization of aseptic production parts and supplies, and also for sterilization of drug delivery devices. For example, ethylene oxide sterilization is used for aseptic manufacturing processes of some items, such as plastic bottles or tubes, rubber plugs, plastic plugs and caps. Ethylene oxide sterilization is used for finished products with multi-layer packaging. These products are mainly plastic or rubber drug delivery devices. Ethylene oxide sterilization is also used for process equipment, such as the lyophilizer used in the production area.

It is not suitable to use this method to sterilize articles containing chlorine and articles capable of adsorbing ethylene oxide. The common ethylene oxide sterilization process is vacuum process (less than 1 ATM). Generally, 100% pure ethylene oxide or mixed gas containing 40% - 90% ethylene oxide can be selected (for example, mixed with carbon dioxide or nitrogen). When the positive pressure process is selected, 8% - 20% ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide gas are mixed for use. The product is sterilized in the pressure chamber filled with sterilization gas.
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