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Installation area of ethylene oxide sterilizer requirements

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Installation area of ethylene oxide sterilizer requirements

Installation area of ethylene oxide sterilizer requirements



1. the sterilizer should be placed in a separate room.
2. ethylene oxide sterilization site should stay away from the crowd, scene within 50 meters  prohibited open flame fire operation and other open flame.


Epoxy ethane sterilizer installed room must have isolation measures, namely ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet, control cabinet, control frame, ethylene oxide gas cylinders should be placed respectively in the independent room, or in accordance with the factory provided the installation diagram of isolation.


Epoxy  ethylene oxide sterilization workshop lighting and electrical switches used should be explosion-proof type, and eliminate all possible Spark electrical appliances, is strictly prohibited fire.


Epoxy ethane sterilizer placed workshop to have good ventilation, ventilation conditions should be forced ventilation, it is strictly prohibited the sterilization workshop tightly sealed with outdoor. Ventilation equipment installation shall be explosion proof type.


After the sterilization, ethylene oxide residual through tail gas treatment system and treatment before discharge.

fire fighting

Ethylene oxide sterilization workshop and sterilization area should be obvious fire protection, non- smoking marker. Sterilization workshop is a key fire prevention area, there must be enough fire fighting, fire extinguishing facilities.
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