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Sterilizer instructions

Operation and Installation of sterilizer

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Operation and Installation of sterilizer

Installation of sterilizer

1 venue
The ethylene oxide sterilizer shall be placed in an independent workshop, far away from the crowd, and there shall be no open fire operation within 30-50m of the site, and other situations that produce open fire.

2 isolation
The workshop where the ethylene oxide sterilizer is placed must have isolation measures, i.e. the ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet body, electrical control cabinet, rack, ethylene oxide cylinder, etc. shall be installed in separate rooms or isolated according to the installation drawing provided by the manufacturer.
3 ventilation
The workshop in which the ethylene oxide sterilizer is placed shall have good ventilation. If the ventilation condition is poor, forced ventilation shall be carried out. It is strictly forbidden to seal the sterilization workshop and outdoor. ? the installed ventilation equipment shall be explosion-proof.
4 lighting
The lighting and electrical switches used in the ethylene oxide sterilization workshop shall be explosion-proof.
5 emission
After sterilization, the residual ethylene oxide can be discharged only after being treated by the waste gas treatment system of the equipment.
6 fire fighting
In the ethylene oxide sterilization workshop and sterilization area, there shall be obvious fire and smoke-proof signs. ? the sterilization workshop should be a key fire-fighting area with sufficient fire-fighting and fire-fighting equipment.

Operation of sterilizer

1 staff
Personnel engaged in sterilization work must be trained by the factory and hold the work license issued by the factory before they can take up the post for operation; any operation without license will be regarded as violation of regulations, and the consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by themselves. Meanwhile, non operators are not allowed to enter the sterilization workshop.
2 operating procedures
The sterilizer shall be operated in strict accordance with the operation (operation) instructions. It is strictly prohibited to change the operation procedures or violate the operation procedures without permission.
3 rules for operators
Operators should have a strong sense of responsibility. During sterilization, do not leave the post. It is forbidden to operate the sterilizer in the unmanned state. Without the permission of the factory, it is not allowed to change the circuit of the electrical control cabinet, increase or decrease the electrical equipment, increase or decrease or change the hardware and software equipment of the computer system.

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