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    Precautions for ethylene oxide sterilizer

    by: EtO sterilizer manufacturerview: 1597 time: 2021-06-17

    Precautions for ethylene oxide sterilizer

    Precautions for ethylene oxide sterilizer

    When the ethylene oxide sterilizer is used for sterilization, the temperature, humidity, concentration of sterilization gas and sterilization time in the sterilization cabinet are the important factors affecting the sterilization effect.
    1. The following sterilization conditions can be used:
    • Ethylene oxide concentration 450-1200mg / L
    • Relative humidity 50% - 80% . 
    • Temperature 37-63 ℃
    • Sterilization time 90-300min.
    2. During loading, the clearance between articles shall be 10 mm, and the loading capacity shall not exceed 80% of the volume of the inner chamber, so as to facilitate the smooth flow of ethylene oxide gas. According to the requirements of the technical code for disinfection of medical and health institutions issued by the Ministry of health, the residual ethylene oxide in sterilized articles shall be less than 10mg / kg.
    3. Ethylene oxide is flammable and explosive. When 3% ethylene oxide is contained in the air, explosive mixture gas will be formed, and combustion or explosion will occur in case of open fire. Therefore, the sterilizer and gas tank must be away from the fire source (such as matches, cigarette butts and electrical places prone to flash static electricity and sparks).
    4. in case of combustion, water spray or foam extinguishing agent, carbon disulfide extinguishing agent and dry powder extinguishing agent should be used; if not timely plugging, it should be allowed to burn and transfer the container from the fire site.
    5. Ethylene oxide has moderate toxicity. A large number of acute or chronic inhalation of ethylene oxide, eye contact, skin contact and digestive tract contact with ethylene oxide are harmful to human body.

    What can't use ethylene oxide sterilizer?

    Although ethylene oxide sterilizer has many advantages, it also has disadvantages. For example, liquid products cannot be sterilized with ethylene oxide, devices with potential flammability cannot be sterilized with ethylene oxide, and food and most drugs should not be sterilized with ethylene oxide. It is difficult to ensure the sterilization effect of dense powder. The sterilization time is longer.
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