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  • EO Sterilizer with humidity above 90%
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    Specification configuration of ethylene oxide sterilizer of

    by: EtO sterilizer manufacturerview: 1197 time: 2021-03-29

    LE Series EO sterilizer

    The brand, quantity of parts , function, control system , overall standard of BE, LE and GE series are different, so are the costs.
    These three series are different. Customers can choose one series according to functional requirements. 
    -GE series has the highest price because of its high configuration, full functions and the most detailed reports.
    -LE series, can meet the needs of most customers, low price.
    -BE series, the lowest price, suitable for customers with less capital budget.
    Description Relevant Technial Parameter of LE Series 
    system design standard: EN1422. ISO11135-2014

    body (main part) LE Series EO sterilizer

    1. Cabinet:stainless steel SUS304,δ=6mm
    2. water jacket: U-bar carbon steel (bottom is stainless steel)
    3. housing:stainless steel 
    4. foot: U- bar steel 14#/Q235
    5. foot support: steel sheet 10/Q235
    6. insulating layer: ceramic fiber 

    door (main part) LE Series EO sterilizer

    1. door: stainless steel : SUS304,δ=6mm
    2. door frame:rectangular steel 120*60/Q235
    3. door water Jacket: U- bar carbon steel 
    4. door seal  flange: carbon Steel 
    5. housing:stainless steel 
    6. insulating layer:ceramic fiber 

    heating components (main part) LE Series EO sterilizer

    1. frame:angle steel 50×50×3
    2. heating water tank: stainless steel 
    3. housing of tank: stainless Steel 
    4. electronic heater: stainless steel electrical heating pipe 

    EO vaporizer

    1. vaporizer liner:stainless steel
    2. EO coil pipe:stainless steel pipe SUS304
    3. vaporizer housing:stainless steel 
    4. insulating layer:fireproof aluminium silicate fiber blanket 
    EO feeding device  pressure gage,mannual valve , Filter , connecting pipe 

    Standard Components LE Series EO sterilizer

    Description Specification & ParameterBrand
    • heating pipe: 3*3kw/AC380V 3P
    • vaccum pump: 1.45kw/AC380V 3P 50HZ
    • vaporization pump: AC220V/200W 2P 50HZ
    • safety valve: 0.15Mpa1
    • steam generator: 3KW/AC380V 50HZ
    • air compressor: 1.5Kw/AC380V 3P  50HZ
    • magnetic valve DC24V
    • pneumatic valve  EO sterilizer
    • humidifying valve: 20mm screwed fitting
    • vacuum valve: 1inch screwed fitting
    • Feeding EO valve:20mm screwed fitting
    • Feeding N2 valve:none
    • air release valve:1 inch  screwed fitting
    • steam heating valve: none

    EO electric scale

    1. range: 100Kg;
    2. material: stainless steel;
    3. support RS485 communication function;

    Control System LE Series Description Specifications

    temperature sensor
    output form:PT100;
    pressure sensor
    output form:4~20mA
    voltage: DC24V
    humidity sensor
    output form:4~20mA
    voltage: DC24V
    range: 0~100%RH
    control cabinet: integrated work station BGIB2-E01
    control module: SIEMENS S7200 PLC/SMART
    screen: TK6050IP
    low voltage apparatus: SCHNEIDER
    buttons and indicator light: SCHNEIDER
    IPC(Industrial Personnal Computer): SMART IPC3000
    screen: 226V6QSB6/21'5/16:9 
    printer: Deskjet 2020hc Color Ink-Jek
    UPS: 1000VA SANTE

    System Function LE Series

    • system design standard: EN1422. ISO11135-2014
    • system control mode: by switching. Soft mannual & Full- Automatic
    • open/close Door  way: pneumatic revolve door
    • door qty: one 
    • data record way: interval mode , warning triggered mode
    • historical curve record way: continuous time interval mode
    • data save time: 10 years(If hard drive is not damaged)
    • recirculated  water connector: boht cabinet and door with one way in and one way out
    • circulation water jacket replacement time: <5 minutes 
    • temperature sensor precision: display Range: 0-100℃;resolution: 0.1℃  
    • temperature control precision: cabinet wall temperature difference within ±5℃, cabinet inside temperature difference is within ±3℃
    • pressure sensor precisiondisplay: Range : -100-+150Kpa,resolution: 0.1Kpa
    • vaccum control mode: continuous mode and stepping mode ( proportional valve regulating mode is choosable)
    • vaccuming time: <30minutes   from 0 to -90KPa 
    • humidity sensor precision: display range: 0-100%RH(no-condensing) , resolution 0.1%RH
    • control time range: 0-99hours,  sterilizing time resolution 1min
    • cabinet water volume auto detecting yes ,system shows and controls the water volume and feeds water automaticly.  
    • steam heating connector: yes,  auto control 
    • steam detecting: yes, displaying and warning  when the steam is not enough 
    • vaccum pump detecting connector: yes, displaying and warning when the pressure is not enough 
    • steam pressure detecting connector: yes, displaying and warning when the pressure is not enough 
    • humidifing connector: yes ,humidifying automaticly by pulsatile mode 
    • humidifying way: pressure difference or sensor 
    • Nitrogen protection system connector: yes , auto control 
    • tail gas treatment connector: yes , auto control 
    • in-door and out-door air exhausing connector: yes , auto control 
    • data record and dealing mode: PC monitoring software and sterilizing Data report software  
    • over high temperature limit protection: yes
    • over high pressure limit protection: yes 
    • EO under low temperature limit protection: Yes 
    BOCON is a large-scale manufacturer of ethylene oxide sterilizer. We can customize and produce ethylene oxide sterilizers to meet all the needs of customers.
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