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    Sterilize equipment from our company is high quality

    by: EtO sterilizer manufacturerview: 1414 time: 2021-06-17

    Sterilize equipment from our company is high quality

    How to strengthen the practicability of ethylene oxide sterilizer

    In order to enhance the practicability, the articles with the same ventilation analysis time are sterilized in full load. The full load can be a sterilization bag, package, hard container, or composed of different packaging types. Full load is defined as the maximum number of loads in the sterilization unit without obstructing air removal, loading and humidification, sterilization factor penetration and analysis.

    Sterilizer Unloading

    When the total ventilation resolution time is reached or exceeds the ventilation resolution time required by the endoscopic manufacturer and the packaging material manufacturer IFU, the load can be taken out of the sterilizer. Medical institutions can transfer the load only after all the ventilation and analysis processes are completed in the sterilization chamber (single chamber process). This operation avoids potential ETO exposure in the process of transferring items to a separate ventilation room without completing ventilation resolution.

    Disinfection with sterilizer needs a certain period

    If it is necessary to open the sterilization chamber during ventilation resolution, such as taking out the bipcd, Bi test package and the articles with the shortest ventilation resolution time, all protective measures shall be taken to minimize the exposure of ETO. The chamber is locked so that the technician cannot open it again. Unless in order to limit the gas leakage to the sterilization room, the sterilization cycle is stopped quickly.

    Operation of sterilization antisepsis

    1 staff
    Personnel engaged in sterilization work must be trained by the factory and hold the work license issued by the factory before they can take up the post for operation; any operation without license will be regarded as violation of regulations, and the consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by themselves. Meanwhile, non operators are not allowed to enter the sterilization workshop.

    2 operating procedures
    The sterilizer shall be operated in strict accordance with the operation (operation) instructions. It is strictly prohibited to change the operation procedures or violate the operation procedures without permission.

    3 rules for operators
    Operators should have a strong sense of responsibility. During sterilization, do not leave the post. It is forbidden to operate the sterilizer in the unmanned state. Without the permission of the factory, it is not allowed to change the circuit of the electrical control cabinet, increase or decrease the electrical equipment, increase or decrease or change the hardware and software equipment of the computer system.
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