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    Sterilizer safety operation procedures

    by: EtO sterilizer manufacturerview: 1319 time: 2021-01-30
    Sterilizer safety operation procedures

    1. Strictly in accordance with the equipment regular maintenance and correct execution.
    2. Strictly in accordance with the instructions on the use of the correct equipment operation and maintenance.
    3. ETO workshop must be equipped with fire fighting facilities, is strictly prohibited fireworks.
    4. Sterilization process is strictly prohibited to open the door to take goods, ready for sterilization zone and sterilization zone take effective isolation.
    5. Sterilizer work pressure strictly controlled in the rated working pressure range.
    6. ETO workshop must use explosion-proof electrical equipment, put an end to all electric spark possible!
    7. The use of qualified gas, prohibited the use of expired epoxy ethane gas.
    8. Egular cleaning and washing of ethylene oxide pipeline and steam filter, air filter.
    9. Before Every door closing should be checked the sealant is clean, in place.
    10. The use of internal circulation system must be guaranteed in the sterilization process of epoxy ethane in non explosion range, otherwise, the absolute prohibition of the use .
    11. Must observe and monitor the working state of fan running process, if has the abnormal phenomenon immediately stop and check, such as: there is abnormal sound, abnormal high temperature of bearing.
    12. First ensure sterilization items cleanliness, no dust, no particles and floating objects, to avoid inhaling air duct causing harm, then sterilization humidity is ≥ 50%.
    13. The super pressure and leakage caused by whatever reason, should start pumping vacuum and harmless exhaust system , unitl all the epoxy ethane in the sterilizer evacuated, then can make the sterilizer repair work.
    14. During the sterilization operation personnel are not allowed to leave the operation site, he must always observe the sterilization situation, if has the abnormal phenomenon, immediately cut off the power supply, stop the machine and check.
    15. Loading goods shall not exceed the total volume of 75% and occupied space evenly.
    16. Before open the door open axial flow fan, guarantee in the ventilation environment open door and take the goods, and can not immediately take the goods just after open the door,  so as to avoid residual gas inside sterilizer harmful.
    17. During the eo feeding process such as the discovery of eo pipeline leakage, the valve on the eo cylinder  and eo feeding valve on the main machine should be closed immediately, open axial flow fan, make the air circulation, and then repair.
    18. Eo feeding quantity reaches the pressure set value, will produce sound alarm, then the operating personnel must close eo cylinder switch and host eo feeding valve immediately, to prevent the pressure is too high, to avoid damage to the equipment.
    19. When feed eo, should always pay attention to how much the quantity and keep feeding even and slow .
    20. For the use of epoxy ethane mixed gas users, must add flow control valve in ethylene oxide gas pipe line. , to prevent too fast velocity cause the eo pipe instability, or liquid epoxy ethane enter into  sterilization cabinet.
    21. Ethylene oxide is toxic, be very careful operation, if the sterilizing agent accidentally splashed on hands, face, eyes or other surface of the skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water to clean, in order to prevent burns.
    22. To prevent inhale of excess epoxy ethane gas , if appear have a headache, nausea and other symptoms of poisoning should quickly leave    
    the scene, go to open and shaded place to breathe fresh air, or send to hospital for treatment.
    23. Before close the sterilizer door confirm no persons in the sterilizer, then can close the door.
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