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The operating personnel requirements

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The operating personnel requirements

The operating personnel requirements
1. the sterilizer operating personnel must go through the factory training, and must having the working card which the factory issued,  any unlicensed operation will be regarded as illegal, the resulting consequences shall be responsible by themselves.
2. non sterilization operating personnel are prohibited from entering the sterilization workshop.
3. sterilizer operation should be carried out in strict accordance with the operating instructions manuals, prohibit the unauthorized change of operating procedures and the violation of operation rules of operation.
4. the operating personnel should have a strong sense of responsibility, shall not be absent from work of sterilization. Sterilizer in unmanned state working is prohibited.
5. without the permission of the factory, are not allowed to change the electric control cabinet and control frame line, shall not be arbitrarily increase or decrease in electrical equipment.
Operation note
1. EO feeding alarm: according to how much eo feeding quantity, setting the pressure, when the feeding quantity reached the pressure set value, will produce sound alarm, then the operating personnel must close bottle switch and host eo feeding valve immediately.
2. the water tank temperature setting value may not be too high than the  sterilization temperature setting value, so as not to cause too large temperature drift.
3. The eo feeding at beginning better temperature set at 20℃ and above.
4. in the feed, discharge, no barriers around the door.
5. When the operating personnel close the door it must be in the door sealing strip completely into the groove and  confirm no persons in the cabinet then can close the door.
6. before open and close the door, the operator should clear the obstacles in the  door body mobile space, to avoid impeding the normal door open and close.
7. ensure sterilization items free of dust, sand particles, ensure cleanness in the cabinet.
8. the loading and unloading of goods need civilized operation, prevent impact phenomenon.
The safety protection of the operators
operation personnel dressing requirements
1. operating personnel should wear clean clothing, best to wear protective clothing.
2. operating personnel shall not wear spiked shoes in sterilization workshop during the working.
protection and rescue
1. ethylene oxide is toxic, be very careful during operation, if the sterilizing agent accidentally splashed on hands, face, eyes or other surface of the skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water to clean, in order to prevent burns.
2. operating personnel should as far as possible to prevent inhale excessive epoxy ethane  steam, when sterilized articles taking out better to wear the gas mask and protective gloves.
3. If operating personnel has, such as headache, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of poisoning, should leave the scene immediately, to a cool ventilated place to rest, breathing the fresh air, serious case should be promptly sent to hospital for treatment.
4. end of the sterilization, before open door   taking the goods  should open axial flow fan, guarantee in the ventilation environment open door   taking the goods, and after open the door will not immediately taking the goods t, so as to avoid residual gas in sterilization chamber harmful to the body.
5. ethylene oxide sterilization personnel better has regular physical examination regularly.
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