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    What are the items that can be sterilized with EO Sterilizer

    by: EtO sterilizer manufacturerview: 1871 time: 2021-06-17

    What are the items that can be sterilized with EO Sterilizer

    How to reduce the failure rate of ethylene oxide sterilizer?

    Although the function and strength of medical ethylene oxide sterilizer is undeniable, but after a period of use, sometimes there will be some small problems, at the same time, medical ethylene oxide sterilizer also has a certain service life, but for the majority of users, do not want to see such a situation. So what can we do to reduce the failure rate of medical ethylene oxide sterilizer and extend its service life.
    In fact, many users will be able to avoid these problems through correct operation methods and reasonable maintenance. For example, keep the ethylene oxide sterilizer, gas cylinder or gas tank away from fire and static electricity. Do not use too much force when dosing or opening the bottle to prevent the liquid from spraying out. Monitor the air concentration of EO working environment every year. Clean, repair and commission the ethylene oxide sterilization equipment regularly according to the requirements of the manufacturer.
    You can try these methods to reduce the failure rate of medical ethylene oxide sterilizer, hoping to help you. In addition, you are welcome to contact us. We can provide you with high-quality, practical and durable medical ethylene oxide sterilizer or other medical devices.

    What are the items that can be sterilized with ethylene oxide?

    1. Ethylene oxide disinfection equipment mainly uses ethylene oxide to achieve the sterilization effect, because ethylene oxide has a strong sterilization effect, and the sterilization effect is very extensive, such as various microorganisms, bacterial spores. However, it is necessary to pay attention to safety issues when using ethylene oxide disinfection equipment. 
    2. Ethylene oxide is a flammable and explosive gas.
    3. Ethylene oxide does not damage the sterilized articles and has strong penetration, so most articles that are not suitable for general sterilization can be sterilized and sterilized with ethylene oxide. For example, electronic instruments, optical instruments, medical devices, books, documents, fur, cotton, chemical fiber, plastic products, wood products, ceramics and metal products, endoscopes, dialyzers and disposable medical supplies. Ethylene oxide is one of the most important low temperature sterilization methods.

    Factors influencing sterilization effect of ethylene oxide sterilizer

    The sterilization effect of ethylene oxide is affected by many factors. In order to achieve the best sterilization effect, only by effectively controlling various factors, can it play the role of killing microorganisms and achieve the purpose of sterilization. The main factors affecting the sterilization effect are: concentration, temperature, relative humidity, action time, etc.
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