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What are the various items sterilized by sterilize equipment

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What are the various items sterilized by sterilize equipment
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At present, what kinds of products are used in hospitals in the United States, Japan and China, and in medical product manufacturers?
1. Endoscope:
Laryngoscope, bronchoscope, esophagoscope, cystoscope and urethroscope, mediastinoscope, thoracoscope, esophageal fiberscope, gastrofiberscope, duodenal fiberscope, large intestine fiberscope, bronchofiberscope, vascular fiberscope, etc.
2. Plastic and rubber products:
Gloves, finger cots, syringes, syringes, blood collectors, infusion devices, blood transfusion devices, urine collection bags, experimental tubes, ventricular catheters, venous catheters, vascular catheters, cardiac catheters, hoses, catheters, sponges, pads.
3. Equipment:
Operating room automatic suture, suture, suture needle, artificial esophagus, artificial bone, artificial heart membrane, artificial blood vessel, heat fluorine theory (polytetrafluoroethylene) artificial membrane, artificial lung circuit, cardiac pacemaker, pacemaker electrode, drainage device, postoperative suction device, lumbar puncture device, catheterization device, intraperitoneal dialysis circuit, thermistor thermometer, stethoscope, medical Electric drill, medical electric saw, electric knife, battery, bone plate, camera, etc.
4. Anesthesia utensils:
Endotracheal tube, nasal hose, tracheotomy hose, suction hose, mask for anesthesia, bellows, anesthesia bag, closed loop circuit, artificial respiration unit, sprayer, oxygen tent and so on.
5. Cotton fiber products and others:
Clothing, gauze, bandages, cotton balls, cotton sticks, absorbent cotton, towels, blankets, surgical clothes, surgical caps, brushes, bedding, pillowcases, mattresses, mattresses, books, toys, etc.

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