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What is the oxirane disinfection

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What is the oxirane disinfection

Sterilization principle

Ethylene oxide (EO) is a highly effective gas sterilizing agent, which has been widely used in the sterilization of heat and humidity sensitive medical devices since 1950s. Its liquid state and gas state have sterilization effect, but gas state is more effective, so its gas state is often used as sterilization medium in practice. The powerful sterilization effect of ethylene oxide is mainly through its non-specific alkylation with proteins, DNA / RNA and other genetic materials in microorganisms, which leads to the denaturation of proteins and genetic materials, and eventually leads to microbial metabolism blocked and death. When ethylene oxide is hydrolyzed, it can also be converted into glycol. Glycol also has a certain bactericidal effect.

Ethylene oxide sterilizer uses ethylene oxide for sterilization

Ethylene oxide, as a main low-temperature sterilization technology, has been used in the sterilization of heat and humidity sensitive materials since 1950s. In China, more than 56% of medical devices, including industrial sterilization, are sterilized by ethylene oxide, and the proportion is still increasing year by year. So far, according to incomplete statistics, there are 11000 medical institutions in the world. As a pioneer of ethylene oxide low-temperature sterilization technology, it has long provided ethylene oxide sterilizers and related products and services for the market.

What is the oxirane disinfection?

Ethylene oxide sterilization device is the key equipment of disposable sterile medical equipment manufacturing enterprises. There are special requirements for installation, operation and use management. Ethylene oxide is a broad-spectrum sterilization agent, which can kill all kinds of microorganisms, including spores, tuberculosis, bacteria, es, fungi, etc. at room temperature.

Application of epoxy ethane

Ethylene oxide does not damage the sterilized articles and has strong penetration, so most articles that are not suitable for general sterilization can be sterilized and sterilized with ethylene oxide. For example, electronic instruments, optical instruments, medical devices, books, documents, fur, cotton, chemical fiber, plastic products, wood products, ceramics and metal products, endoscopes, dialyzers and disposable medical supplies. Ethylene oxide is one of the most important low temperature sterilization methods.

Why choose ethylene oxide sterilizer?

Technical problems of discharge after sterilization of ethylene oxide. Ethylene oxide is gas sterilization. In domestic and foreign operations, atmospheric emission is preferred.
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