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Why choose ethylene oxide sterilizer

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Why choose ethylene oxide sterilizer

Why choose ethylene oxide sterilizer

Technical problems of discharge after sterilization of ethylene oxide.
  • 1. Ethylene oxide is gas sterilization. In domestic and foreign operations, atmospheric emission is preferred.
  • 2. The atmospheric emission of ethylene oxide gas shall comply with certain technical standards: there must be a special exhaust pipe system, and the exhaust pipe material must be ethylene oxide which cannot be penetrated through, such as copper pipe, etc. There shall be no inflammables and building air inlets such as doors or windows within 7.6m from the exhaust port; if the vertical part of the exhaust pipe is longer than 3m A water collector must be installed to prevent the exhaust pipe from sinking or looping to cause water gas accumulation or freezing in winter and block the pipe; the exhaust pipe shall be led to the outside and turned downward at the outlet to prevent water gas from remaining on the pipe wall or causing pipe wall blockage; professional installation engineer must be invited and the installation shall be carried out according to the requirements of ethylene oxide sterilizer manufacturer.
  • 3. After the ethylene oxide gas is discharged into the atmosphere, the local concentration at the outlet is similar to the sterilization concentration. However, due to the huge external space and the small molecular size of ethylene oxide, the concentration will be diluted to a safe level. And under the action of water vapor and sunlight in the air, it will decompose into glycol, which will eventually decompose into carbon dioxide and water. The end products are not harmful to environmental protection
  • 4. In addition, the largest source of ethylene oxide emission related to sterilization is industrial sterilization. In general, small gas cylinders designed for hospitals are used for gas supply, which further reduces the impact of ethylene oxide gas emissions on the atmosphere.

Sterilization technology--oxirane

Ethylene oxide, as a main low-temperature sterilization technology, has been used in the sterilization of heat and humidity sensitive materials since 1950s. In China, more than 56% of medical devices, including industrial sterilization, are sterilized by ethylene oxide, and the proportion is still increasing year by year. So far, according to incomplete statistics, there are 11000 medical institutions in the world. As a pioneer of ethylene oxide low-temperature sterilization technology, it has long provided ethylene oxide sterilizers and related products and services for the market.

During the sterilization:

It shall be carried out in accordance with the operation instructions of the ethylene oxide sterilizer manufacturer; according to the different types, packages, loading capacity and methods of sterilized articles, appropriate sterilization parameters shall be selected.
  • 1.The sterilization procedure of ethylene oxide shall include preheating, pre wetting, vacuuming, entering the gasified ethylene oxide to reach the predetermined concentration, maintaining the sterilization time, removing the ethylene oxide gas in the sterilization cabinet, and resolving to remove the ethylene oxide residue in the sterilized articles.
  • 2.100% pure ethylene oxide or a mixture of ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide can be used for sterilization. The use of Freon is prohibited.
  • 3.The analysis can be continued in the ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet or put into a special ventilation cabinet, and natural ventilation method should not be used. The repeatedly input air shall be filtered with high efficiency, and 99.6% of particles ≥ 0.3um can be filtered.
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