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eo sterilizer equipment

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eo sterilizer equipment
eo sterilizer equipment: Product description.
8-12 hours per sterilization cycle. 2 cycles per day, 0.6-0.8kg ethylene oxide per cubic meter sterilizer.
Process: packaging → sterilization → aeration → testing → delivery.
1. Layout. need to get the floor plan of the workshop to make the layout.
2. This sterilizer can be placed in any geographical location of the city, but it must comply with local regulations.
3. Only buying a sterilizer can sterilize smoothly. Many customers only buy sterilizer equipment.Also,in order to improve the sterilization efficiency, preheating equipment and aeration room equipment can be selected.
The complete equipment system is: preheating room, sterilizer, aeration room, tail gas treatment. 
About 50% of customers only purchase sterilizers and analysis rooms, 35% of customers purchase preheating rooms, and 15% of customers purchase exhaust gas treatment equipment.
Sterilizer: use ethylene oxide gas to sterilize the product by vacuuming, heating and moisturizing.
Preheating room: heating and moisturizing in advance, improving the efficiency and utilization rate of the sterilizer, and shortening the sterilization cycle. For example: the sterilization time is 10 hours, with the preheating room, the sterilization cycle can be shortened to 8 hours.
Aeration Room: is to improve the aeration efficiency and accelerate the removal cycle of ethylene oxide. Example: Natural ventilation takes 14 days, and the aeration room can be shortened to 3-5 days.
Exhaust gas treatment equipment: treat waste gas. Exhaust gas emission standards in each place are different, and should comply with local regulations.
4. Support EO gas (any kind of EO gas)
Normal ones: 30%EO/70%CO2 , 80%EO/20%CO2,  90%EO/10% CO2.
Pure gas: 100% EO (work with N2),work with nitrogen generators.
Strengthen (pay extra) type: 10%EO/90% CO2, 20%EO/80%CO2.

Sterilizer is made main by two parts:
a,Mechanical Part of EO Sterilizer 
1,Sterilizer main cabinet,
2,Heating system,
3,Vacuuming system,
4,EO feeding system,
5,Humidifying system,
6,Aeration system.
b,Electrical control part of eo sterilizer equipment
1, the overall hardware of the monitoring system; 
2, sterilizer monitoring software system; 
3, independent data report management system; 
4, software verification; 
5, on-site installation; 
6, sterilizer control mode; 
7, software alarm system; 
8, control software process; 
9, power off protection; 

Mechanical Part of EO Sterilizer 

1 sterilizer chamber 
1.1 Cabinet structure: the main body of the cabinet is welded by the inner cabinet, door frame, heating water jacket, covered by heat preservation layer and outer plate. 
1.2 Heating mode: use the method of hexahedron heating and combine the grouping and adjustable way to guarantee the heating rate and temperature. 
1.3 Process nozzles: only for testing, not for sterilization. The test nozzles are made of stainless steel pipes, and one of them is equipped with stainless steel handball valves.
1.4 Components, pipes and accessories: All pipes, which would contact ethylene oxide gas, are made of stainless steel 304; and all of the sealing gaskets and seals, which would contact EO gas, are made of polytetrafluoroethylene or silicone rubber.
1.5 sealing door: The doors of the sterilizer are pneumatic sliding; the door seal is made of silicone rubber; nitrogen filling, with a non-return valve during power off avoiding the gas leaking; no need to brush oil; no need to vacuum when open the door and it also has the pressure test function.
2 Sterilizer——heating system 
The heating system is heated to the sterilized cabinet set temperature. 
2.1 The heating water tank is placed on the top of the sterilizing cabinet and with the steel frame connected. Electric heating, circulation pump, temperature sensor, automatic water supplement and each water interface are integrated.
2.2 The parameters of the heating water tank.
2.3 heating circulating system 
2.3.1. Hot water tank: The water is heated to a predetermined temperature by stainless steel explosion-proof electric heater, and is monitored during the sterilization process by computer (temperature sensor); It has the function of automatic water supply, and hold temperature; water jacket distributes evenly. Heating area is bigger than the non-heating area. Totally there are 4 running back water ways with valve to ensure the heating rate and temperature uniformity.
2.3.2. Circulating pump: The sterilizer is heated by the hot water from the water tank through the filter. Running the hot water in the water to tank continuously to control the temperature of the sterilizer, and control the water temperature in the tank to control the sterilizer temperature. 
3 Sterilizer--vacuum system 
The vacuum system pre-vacuum, remove and clean the EO gas in the sterilizer. Discharge port connects to the steam water separator, and waste gas treatment equipment.  
a) The vacuum pump adopts single-pole 5.5kw junze vacuum pump, and USES step method to adjust the vacuum rate.
b) Vacuum device: pneumatic ball valve, check valve. Prevent negative pressure backwater, prevent power failure backwater function. 
4 sterilizer——EO injection system
EO injection system feeds EO gas/ EO + N2.  
4.1 Vaporizer:structure and material,
4.2 EO feeding device  
4.2.1  The top of the cabinet has 3 EO injection holes;The feeding mouth is easy to take apart for cleaning; 
4.2.2 Vaporization pump: the hot water in the main water tank is transported to the vaporizer. 
4.2.3 The EO feeding mouth of the sterilization cabinet is equipped with an independent control temperature sensor; EO temperature is a super low, the system will alarm and stop dosing.
4.2.4 The EO input can also be weighed and controlled according to the pressure difference control in the sterilizer.
4.2.5 EO input pipeline: filter, pneumatic ball valve, flow meter, pressure gage. The pipe is equipped with the removal of the residual EO device (to the exhaust gas treatment system, exhaust gas when the cylinder is replaced)
4.2.6  The EO vaporizing water tank needs to be separated.
4.2.7  The water tank needs to have bottom valve.
5 sterilizer—humidifying system  
The humidification system adjusts the humidity in the sterilizer by adding saturated steam.
5.1 The steam generator is configured by 6KW steam generator; automatic water replenishment, automatic heating and automatic protection.
5.2 Humidifier: filter (5 inches) division of water removal, trap, pneumatic ball valve, needle valve, steam from the side of the cabinet into the humidifier, 2 humidifier holes. 
5.3 Humidifying system can start humidifying process by two ways: humidity sensor and pressure difference method.
6 Sterilizer——air change system.
Changing air system is the air system for feeding filtered air。 
6.1 The air change device includes the handball valve, the pneumatic ball valve, the explosion proof proportional valve (control rate), the precision filtration and the coarse effect filtration.
6.2 The precision filter is pre - coarse filtering, which can fully prolong the service life of the rear precision filter. The filter precision is 0.3 Um, and the 1 core filter is used to shorten the air changing time to the maximum.
6.3 The fresh air is incorporated into the internal circulation duct and enters the sterilizer.

Electrical control part of eo sterilizer equipment 

The control operating system of the sterilization cabinet will realize the automatic control of the sterilization process, and the operation is stable and reliable.
1. Hardware of the control system
1.2 control system: integrated control system 
2. Control system software requirement: 
Operation system:Windows 7 operation system,
Control system:EOCS;
2.1 The control system of the sterilizer can set 3 level password,which authorizes the operators, administrators and maintenance level respectively. Each user can set the username and password independently;
2.2 The control system of sterilizer can support more than 100 sterilization process formulation;
2.3 Monitoring and management system of computer will provide on time alarm when the temperature, pressure, humidity and other parameters changes not normally, such as water temperature, ultra high temperature sterilization temperature ultra high temperature sterilization temperature, ultra low temperature pressure and ultra high pressure sterilization, ultra low pressure gasifier temperature, humidity and ultra-low humidity …were recorded in bacteria parameter report clearly and displayed separately;
2.4 Sterilizer supervisor management system, can continuously showing, collecting, and recording daily sterilizing data, which need to be supervised( sterilizing temperature T1, sterilizing temperature T2, sterilizing pressure P1, sterilizing pressure P2 , sterilizing humidity RH1, water tank temperature T5, EO temperatureT6, EO vaporizer T7);
2.5 Sterilizer monitoring management system, which can print historical trend map in the form of free combination, supports the direct conversion of historical trend map to PDF output. 
3. Independent data report management system
3.1 Data exception points can be collected and recorded. 
3.2 It can implement process data record mode, never lose key parameters. 
3.3 Automatically generate sterilization batch record. 
3.4 Support the setting of different recording time intervals at different stages, save the printing paper, reduce the records of redundant data, and facilitate the auditor's review. 
3.5 Batch record summary can be generated automatically, and the qualified situation of sterilization can be determined automatically in advance, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of data audit personnel of sterilization record, and can reach the level of parameter. 
3.6 Supports direct conversion of data format to PDF output. 
3.7 Detailed data recording function is supported. The range of record parameters can be selected.
3.8 Support process time automatic summary function, running process data automatic summary function, product list entry and management function. 
3.9 Support product list entry and management function, data server networking function reference.
4. Software validation:
The standardized system can provide professional software verification report free, and the non - standard system software verification report will be charged extra.
After the one site installation, supplier provides the software confirmation report. The buyer and the supplier confirm the standard version of the software.
5. On-site installation: 
The on-site standard specialties installation makes the system more stable.
6. Sterilizer control model: by switching、Soft manual & Full- Automatic
7. Software warning system
7.1 The alarm system is divided into two types: normal work and abnormal fault alarm.
7.2 The alarm system will record all the working tips and fault alarm of the system
7.3 The alarm system intelligently judges the types of the alarm and produces the corresponding text hints, and the normal operation and simple trouble shooting method can be found through the operation manual.
7.4 Work warning project: high and low water level fault, sensor fault , door seal low pressure, low compressed air, low steam pressure, low vacuum feeding water, low or high vaporizer temperature, low temperature of EO injection, EO injection start, EO injection finish etc.  Totally there are 80 alarms;
7.5 Automatic operation process fault alarm, fault item: Failure of vacuum pump, circulation pump failure and vaporization pump failure、abnormal temperature of sterilizing room, abnormal hypothermia in sterilizing room, abnormal high temperature of water tank, abnormal high temperature of vaporizer, abnormal leakage of sterilizer body and abnormal high pressure of cabinet, EO absolute low temperature, bearing abnormal temperature of circulating fan, abnormal speed of circulating fan and so on.
7.6 The control program has remote interactive function with the user terminal and provides remote technical service.
8. Control software process: 
8.1 Ethylene oxide injection amount: the injection amount can be controlled by differential pressure method or weight method according to the technical standard of the demander. 
8.2 Sterilization time: automatic control, according to the requirements of the process. 
8.3 Sterilization process flow: sterilization process flow is the standard version of the routine process as follows:
Heating - heat preservation-vacuuming- leak detection- humidification-humidification balance-dosing-sterilizing (EO exposure)-air cleaning-removing residual- sterilization cycle end (open and unload sterilized products).
9. Power failure protection: 
9.1 The power failure protection device can keep the door seal seals gassing working condition. 
9.2 Sterilization software itself has the function of power failure protection. Control power reconfigure UPS, and continue to monitor sterilization parameters and record data during the UPS working period. 
Our factory specializes in the production of ethylene oxide sterilizer, established in 2006, sterilizer sold well in more than 50 countries.

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