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    eo sterilizer equipment

    by: EtO sterilizer manufacturerview: 1184 time: 2020-07-15
    eo sterilizer equipment
    eo sterilizer equipment: Product description.
    8-12 hours per sterilization cycle. 2 cycles per day, 0.6-0.8kg ethylene oxide per cubic meter sterilizer.
    Process: packaging → sterilization → aeration → testing → delivery.
    1. Layout. need to get the floor plan of the workshop to make the layout.
    2. This sterilizer can be placed in any geographical location of the city, but it must comply with local regulations.
    3. Only buying a sterilizer can sterilize smoothly. Many customers only buy sterilizer equipment.Also,in order to improve the sterilization efficiency, preheating equipment and aeration room equipment can be selected.
    The complete equipment system is: preheating room, sterilizer, aeration room, tail gas treatment. 
    About 50% of customers only purchase sterilizers and analysis rooms, 35% of customers purchase preheating rooms, and 15% of customers purchase exhaust gas treatment equipment.
    Sterilizer: use ethylene oxide gas to sterilize the product by vacuuming, heating and moisturizing.
    Preheating room: heating and moisturizing in advance, improving the efficiency and utilization rate of the sterilizer, and shortening the sterilization cycle. For example: the sterilization time is 10 hours, with the preheating room, the sterilization cycle can be shortened to 8 hours.
    Aeration Room: is to improve the aeration efficiency and accelerate the removal cycle of ethylene oxide. Example: Natural ventilation takes 14 days, and the aeration room can be shortened to 3-5 days.
    Exhaust gas treatment equipment: treat waste gas. Exhaust gas emission standards in each place are different, and should comply with local regulations.
    4. Support EO gas (any kind of EO gas)
    Normal ones: 30%EO/70%CO2 , 80%EO/20%CO2,  90%EO/10% CO2.
    Pure gas: 100% EO (work with N2),work with nitrogen generators.
    Strengthen (pay extra) type: 10%EO/90% CO2, 20%EO/80%CO2.

    Our factory specializes in the production of ethylene oxide sterilizer, established in 2006, sterilizer sold well in more than 50 countries.
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