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ethylene oxide gas sterilization

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ethylene oxide gas sterilization
This product is an EO sterilizer with simple operation and convenient use, which ensures the process flow and normal operation time. Ergonomic display has an intuitive human-machine interface, preset a number of common processes, make it easy to use, and ensure the safety of operators, repeatable processes and product integrity.

The loading system is an efficient and user-friendly part of any sterilization system. We provide you with expertise and loading devices for a wide variety of applications.
Sanitary stainless steel fittings
From the process pipe to the sterilization room, it is a high-performance and sanitary stainless steel EO sterilizer, which can meet the demanding production requirements. To ensure function and hygiene, all relevant components are carefully selected. The panel adopts Satin coating and vertical texture brush, which is easy to clean and fashionable in appearance. The pressure vessel is welded and polished by manipulator.

Ethyle Oxide Sterilization Chambers - EO machine
Ethylene oxide sterilizer is an important equipment for the sterilization of masks. Our design is a modular type with the main advantage that hazardous areas can be divided to reduce the possibility of potential explosion hazards. These projects are customizable because we can provide very flexible design according to customer requirements. Our chambers are ready to be used with "multi in one" circulation or pre-treatment and degassing tanks. We also provide all auxiliary equipment.

Main purpose of  EO machine
Ethylene oxide is a toxic carcinogen, used to make fungicides. Ethylene oxide is inflammable and explosive, which is not easy to transport for long distance, so it has strong regional characteristics. It is widely used in washing, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing industries. 
It can be used as the starting agent of detergent in chemical industry.
Ethylene oxide has a bactericidal effect. It does not corrode metals and has no residual smell. It can kill bacteria (and its internal spores), molds and fungi. Therefore, it can be used as a gas bactericide for some articles and materials that cannot withstand high temperature sterilization.

Waste gas treatment system
The waste gas treatment system is set in an independent treatment room, which is used to treat the ethylene oxide waste gas extracted from the sterilization cabinet. The EO waste gas is respectively treated by strong acid, strong alkali and acid-base mixture, and then discharged into the water tank for four times. Environmental protection, energy conservation, safety, and treatment effect meet regulatory requirements.

The size of our company's ethylene oxide sterilizer can be customized. Depending on the scale, different sizes of ethylene oxide sterilizers can be provided. Generally speaking, ethylene oxide sterilizers have several different specifications, such as 3 cubic meters, 6 cubic meters, and 10 cubic meters.
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