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Use And Replacement Of Masks

by:EtO sterilizer manufacturerview: 1941 time: 2020-04-09
Use And Replacement Of Masks

There are many kinds of medical masks. The common medical masks are disposable non-woven masks, gauze masks and special anti- masks.
  • 1. Disposable non-woven mask, with more than three layers, can isolate bacteria and dust, and can be used once, safe and reliable, without the risk of secondary infection.
  • 2. Gauze mask is the type of mask that has been used all the time. Gauze mask is widely used in the field of medical care and scientific research.
  • 3. The anti- mask is mainly made of special materials, with filter layer in the middle. Generally, the filter layer is made of activated carbon felt or melt blown cloth. It has the effect of sterilization.

Duration of use
From the point of view of human physiological structure, because the blood circulation of nasal mucosa is very strong, the passage in the nasal cavity is very zigzag, and the nasal hair forms a filter "barrier". When the air is inhaled into the nostril, the air flow forms a vortex in the zigzag channel, which makes the air flow inhaled into the nostril heated. Tests have shown that when cold air at - 7 ℃ is inhaled into the lungs through the nose, the air flow has been heated to 28.8 ℃, which is very close to the temperature of the human body. If the mask is worn for a long time, the nasal mucosa will become fragile and lose the original physiological function of the nasal cavity, so the mask cannot be worn for a long time. Masks can only be worn in special environments, such as in places where there are many people and the air is not circulating. Of course, it is necessary to wear a mask when walking in the wild, in order to resist sand and cold, or in the environment with air pollution, but the time should not be too long. In addition, masks should be worn in public places where there may be a large number of pathogens during the flu season. Wearing a mask is only one of the ways to prevent respiratory infectious diseases. The most important thing is to keep good living habits.

Change mask

  • 1. The mask is contaminated, such as blood stains, droplets and other foreign matters.
  • 2. The user feels that the respiratory resistance increases.
  • 3. The mask is damaged.
  • 4. Dust proof filter cotton: when the mask and the user's face are well closed, when the user feels a great respiratory resistance, it means that the filter cotton is full of dust particles and should be replaced.
  • 5. The anti gas filter box, when the mask and the user's door are well sealed, should be replaced when the user smells the poison.
  • 6. The ordinary mask needs to be cleaned after wearing for about 2 hours. Before cleaning, soak it in boiling water for 5 to 8 minutes. Activated carbon masks can be used for 2 days and N95 can be used for one week. If the mask is not worn for a long time after cleaning, it is better to clean it again.

The disposable medical mask is normally used for about one day.
The medical mask is composed of mask body and tension belt. The mask body is divided into three layers: inner, middle and outer. The inner layer is skin friendly material, the middle layer is isolation filter layer, and the outer layer is special material bacteriostatic layer. This kind of high-efficiency medical mask has strong hydrophobicity and air permeability, and has significant filtering effect on micro aerosol or harmful dust, but it can not effectively filter PM10 and PM2.5. The overall filtering effect is good, and the materials used are non-toxic, harmless and comfortable to wear.
Properly handle
Daily use of masks should be handled properly. Masks used by patients or in the process of care should be placed in a lined container in the patient's room for further treatment.
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