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Integrated ethylene oxide sterilizer

Integrated ethylene oxide sterilizer

This machine will be an integrated one, touch screen sterilizer with Stainless steel water jacket, and most of the components would be installed before shipment. Seller no need seller go to install on site, but would guide buyer to install by phone o...
Integrated ethylene oxide sterilizer


  • Heart Valves/Pacemakers
  • first aid kit
  • Surgical Kits
  • hospital gown
  • Gowns & Drapes
  • Ventilators
  • Syringes
  • Catheters

This machine will be an integrated one, touch screen sterilizer with Stainless steel water jacket, and most of the components would be installed before shipment.  Seller no need seller go to install on site, but would guide buyer to install by phone or video.
The unique properties of ethylene oxide (EO) make it suitable for sterilization of products that are sensitive to heat and humidity. EO can penetrate wrapped and packaged goods to effectively sterilize at very low temperatures, making it the ideal technology for low temperature terminal sterilization.
Since 2006 Our has been manufacturing Industrial Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilizers, delivering some of the industry's most sophisticated and largest sterilizers in the world.We can also provide and integrate automation systems, preconditioning and aeration room/cells in accordance with your requirements.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

Model Number net volume(m3) transport size(mm) outside size(mm)
HMQ-3 3m3 2300×1550×2350 2300×2300×2700
HMQ-6 6m3 3250×1900×2400 3250×2950×2875
HMQ-10 10m3 4950×1900×2400 4950×2950×2875
HMQ-15 15m3 7200×1900×2400 7200×2950×2875
HMQ-20 20m3 9450×1900×2400 9450×29500×2875
HMQ-25 25m3 10000×1900×2800 10000×2950×3800
HMQ-30 30m3 11500×1900×2900 11500×2950×3900
HMQ-35 35m3 11500×2050×3100 11500×3100×4100
HMQ-40 40m3 13000×2050×3100 13000×3100×4100
HMQ-50 50m3 Customized Customized
HMQ-100 100m3 Customized Customized

sterilization temperature

The conventional limit of temperature is generally 44 ℃ ~ 56 ℃, and the most commonly used temperature is 50 ± 3 ℃. However, when the temperature is high enough to make the drug play its maximum role, when the temperature is increased, the bactericidal effect is no longer improved. The determination of sterilization temperature is related to the following conditions: 
1) temperature tolerance of the sterilized product. 
2) Loading capacity and loading mode: the loading capacity is required to be ≤ 80%, without contacting the cabinet wall, and there is no less than 125px gap between the boxes.
3) Thickness, size and bulk density of packaging materials.

Ethylene oxide does not damage the sterilized articles and has strong penetration, so most articles that are not suitable for general sterilization can be sterilized and sterilized with ethylene oxide. For example, electronic instruments, optical instruments, medical devices, fur, cotton, chemical fiber, plastic products, endoscopes, dialyzers and disposable medical supplies. Ethylene oxide is one of the most important low temperature sterilization methods.

The temperature, humidity, concentration of sterilization gas and sterilization time in the sterilization cabinet are all important parameters that affect the sterilization effect. Ethylene oxide is a kind of alkylating agent with strong penetrability. It can use all kinds of packaging materials and can be sterilized in the packaging state. It can kill all kinds of microorganisms (including bacteria, spores, es, fungal spores, etc.) at room temperature. It is suitable for biomedical high molecular materials that are not resistant to high temperature treatment, such as natural rubber, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, etc. The ethylene oxide sterilizer consists of a leakproof and explosion-proof bridge cutoff aluminum steel chamber. First, the material temperature and humidity in the chamber are adjusted through the heating (pre-treatment) process, and then further vacuumized, and then the preheated ethylene oxide gas is introduced. Packaging materials must have good permeability to air, steam and ethylene oxide, so that suitable sterilization conditions can be easily achieved. Due to the potential carcinogenicity, mutagenicity and acute toxicity of ethylene oxide, in order to ensure the safety of workers, the atmospheric concentration, chamber temperature and humidity, pressure, ethylene oxide gas concentration and sterilization time should be closely monitored during the sterilization process. The sterilization effect is usually monitored by a biological indicator. It is difficult to control the sterilizer. The whole sterilization process should be carried out under the supervision of skilled personnel. After sterilization, the filtered sterile air shall be introduced and the vacuum air circulation process shall be experienced to remove the residual ethylene oxide safely.
Today, for medical masks, the disinfection and sterilization of disposable civilian masks use ethylene oxide sterilizers. The ethylene oxide sterilizer not only has good sterilization and disinfection effects, but also has a short disinfection and sterilization time. The patented technology of our company's ethylene oxide sterilizer has greatly reduced the sterilization time.
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